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What are Progress Profiles?

A Progress Profile is a web app that graphically displays your academic progress. Every Kent undergraduate student will have a Progress Profile. They display your attendance and marks in an easy to evaluate format to quickly identify strengths, areas for focus and patterns that might otherwise be obscured. They’ve now been enhanced to show even more detail than before.

Progress Profile showing attendance and marks

Progress profile graph showing course attendance and marks

Why are they important?

Students have told us that sometimes it’s hard to know how well their studies are going. We created Progress Profiles to give a clear picture of your performance across every stage of the degree journey.

Academic Advisers can also see the reports of all their advisees. We all know how important it is for students to have regular conversations about their studies with an Academic Adviser and Progress Profiles can help focus and augment these conversations.

Progress Profiles can be accessed directly from the top banner of the Student Guide.

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For any queries relating to access to, or content of, Progress Profiles, please contact the Information Services Helpdesk:

For further information or to provide feedback on Progress Profiles please contact the Student Success Team

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