Canterbury Safer Streets logo competition

Canterbury sky line with Cathedral in distance

Make your logo design the symbol of Canterbury’s Safer Streets initiatives from the recent government grant.

About Safer Streets 

The Canterbury Safety Partnership has been successful in securing government Safer Streets 4 funding to dedicate towards safety and perception of safety in Canterbury. This grant supports the development of training, safety resources, a central website and safety packs for patrons of Night Time Economy (pubs, clubs and bars) in the city, alongside other exciting projects.

Under this umbrella the project will look at information regarding consent and harassment, drinks spiking, alcohol awareness, getting home safe, respect and inclusion, and reporting methods for students and members of the public. There will also be new initiatives and resources tackling Violence Against Women and Girls.

Canterbury has a huge student community, and the we want students to define the vision of this project. We require a logo to brand and connect project materials produced under the Safer Streets grant, which clearly promotes safety in Canterbury. This logo needs to be bold and eye-catching and represent the values and goals of this project.

Brief and deadline for submissions

Read our project brief for more information on how to get involved and make your submission! There will be a prize for the winning logo entry and honourable mentions.

The deadline for the competition is Monday 21 November 2022 23:59.

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