Study Guides for online exams have launched

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As a result of COVID-19, all Scheduled Timed Written Examinations will be taken online, so we have prepared the following two resources to help guide you through.

There is a step-by-step guide to help you to successfully plan, revise and prepare for online assessment and the second is a technical guide for students on taking our online examinations this year.

Planning revision and preparing for online exams

This guide is relevant to all types of exams; however, your module convenor will provide more subject-specific material and advice on Moodle.

It takes you through the principles of good revision, how to revise and include exam practise as well as what best to do the day before and how best to deal with taking the exams themselves.

Online examinations 2020: technical guidance for students

The May/June 2020 exams will take place online using Moodle. This guide is designed to help students access their exams and upload their completed answer booklets to Moodle.

This guidance includes how exams will work in Moodle, opening your paper, downloading the answer booklet, submitting your booklet once completed and where to find technical support if needed.

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