OPERA (Opportunity, Productivity, Engagement, Reducing barriers, Achievement) is a university-wide project to mainstream solutions for embedding accessibility.


OPERA’s primary objective is to mainstream accessibility by supporting a shift in culture from individual adjustments towards anticipatory reasonable adjustments. 

Kent Inclusive Practice (KIPs) are designed to tackle physical and digital accessibility barriers at source.

The project was originally developed in partnership with the Joint Information Systems Committee (Jisc) which has enabled the collaborative development of a practice-based model for inclusive information delivery applying Jisc theoretical approaches. 

Ultimately OPERA aims to make recommendations that will help to further develop an inclusive information environment and encourage the wider adoption of assistive technology (productivity tools) for all at the University of Kent and beyond.

This has now developed into a wider partnership with Kent County Council towards a shared vision for Kent and the delivery of two Kent Digital Accessibility conferences.

The Work of the OPERA Project

The following video highlights the work that the OPERA project carries out and how our two-way partnership with Jisc specialists helps us to implement accessibility practices to students and staff at Kent.

Video commissioned by Jisc to highlight the work of the OPERA project. The video gives the background to the project and the partnership with Jisc. 

The Impact of the OPERA Project

This video explores the impact of the OPERA project, looking at the experience of several students and staff and the impact that inclusive practices and embedded accessibility has on their experience at Kent.

Video describes the experiences of students and staff at the university who have been involved with the project. 

Find out more about Accessibility at Kent

To find out more about Accessibility at Kent please check out the Accessible Digital Services page. Here you will find our accessibility statements as well as further information about accessibility at Kent.

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