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Cardiopulmonary Clinic (CPET)

The University of Kent's School of Sport and Exercise Sciences and Medway Maritime NHS run a cardiopulmonary exercise testing service at Medway Maritime NHS specifically testing surgical patients. This service was established in 2011 by Dr James Hopker, Miss Katharine Richardson (The University of Kent) and Dr Graeme Sanders (Consultant Anaesthetist, Medway Maritime NHS). For more information please contact Katharine Richardson.

What does cardiopulmonary exercise testing do?

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing aims to assess patient's fitness for major surgery assists with determining the correct ward for a patient post-surgery. This test demonstrates the ability of the heart and the lungs to pump oxygen around the body and to deliver this oxygen to the muscles and is able to quantify a patient's cardiorespiratory reserve.

Current Research Projects

We are currently investigating the effect of pre-operative exercise in patients that are having major surgery. Patients voluntarily participating in the trials are randomised to the exercise group or control group. Both groups will receive the current usual care currently in situ at Medway Maritime NHS. Those patients in the exercise group will be asked to take part in an exercise program at the hospital prior to surgery. We are currently recruiting patients that are having: Colorectal cancer resection, Urological cancer resection and Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.

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