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Statistics seminars from 2013-14 onward (PDF, 39 KB)

Spring 2013

14 February 2013 Dr Fred Kume
21 February Dr Mark Brewer (BioSS - Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland) - more details -
28 February Prof Simos Meintanis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
Goodness-of-fit procedures for spherically symmetric distributions
7 March Prof Arnaud Doucet (Oxford)
14 March Dr Peter Neal (Lancaster)
MCMC for a birth-death-mutation (BDM) model -more details-
21 March Prof Vern Farewell (Cambridge)
The Early Years of the Medical Research Council's Biostatistics Unit: Science and People -more details-
28 March Dr John Aston (Warwick)
Functions, covariances, and learning foreign languages -more details-
4 April Dr Richard Samworth (Cambridge)
Variable selection with error control: another look at Stability Selection -more details-

Autumn 2012

27 September 2012 Talks by PhD students Emily Dennis, Bill Sakaria, and Chen Yu
4 October Professor Rosemary Bailey (University of London)
From Rothamsted to Northwick Park: designing experiments to avoid bias and reduce variance
11 October Dr Nicole Augustin (Bath)
Space-time modelling for trend estimation of natural resources
25 October Professor David Borchers (St Andrews)
8 November Professor Chris Skinner (London School of Economics)
Handling measurement error in survey estimation using accuracy indicators
6 December Professor Jian Zhang
Source localisation with MEG
13 December Professor Frank Ball (Nottingham)
Epidemics on random networks with tunable clustering, degree correlation and degree distribution

Spring 2012

19 January 2012

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting

Dr Andrew Titman (Lancaster)
Personal Response Systems for teaching postgraduate statistics to small groups

9 February

Dr Su Li (Cambridge)
Nonparametric multivariate statistical testing of ElectroEncephaloGraphic (EEG) and MegnetoEncephalGraphic (MEG) data

23 February

Professor Paul Blackwell (Sheffield)
Simulation-based inference for animal movement models with behavioural switching

8 March

Dr Andrew Titman (Lancaster)

15 March

Dr Anthony Lee (Warwick)
Auxiliary variables, many-core computation and Monte Carlo methods

22 March

Dr Matthew Nunes (Lancaster)

29 March

Dr Ruth King (St Andrews)

Autumn 2011

20 October 2011

Dr Diana Cole
Parameter redundancy in ecological models

27 October

Professor Robert Griffiths (Oxford)
Exchangeable pairs of Bernoulli random variable, Krawtchouk polynomials and Ehrenfest Urns

10 November

Dr Alfred Kume

17 November

Professor Simon Wood (Bath)
Simple statistical methods for complex ecological dynamics

24 November

Dr Adam Novak (Oxford)

1 December

Professor Samuel Kou (Harvard)
Sequential monte carlo methods in protein folding

8 December

Mr Christopher Eves
A method for calibration

15 December

Dr Adam Butler (Biomathematics and Statistics, Scotland)

Spring 2011

19 January 2011

RSS East Kent Local Group meeting (at Pfizer)

Professor Stephen Senn (Glasgow)
Statisticians and Pharmacokineticists: What They Can Learn From Each Other

20 January

Professor Michael Goldstein (Durham)
Statistical Methods for Calibrating Industrial Flow Meters

27 January

Dr Richard Nickl (Cambridge)  
On adaptive nonparametric inference

10 February

Dr David Leslie (Bristol)
Controlled learning in games

17 February

Dr Karim Anaya (Open University)
Statistical sensitivity analysis using Geometry

10 March

Professor Gary Green (York)

17 March

Dr Dave Collett (NHS Blood and Transplant)
Statistical issues in the allocation of livers for transplantation

31 March

Dr Idris Eckley (Lancaster)

Autumn 2010

4 November 2010

Dr Mike Tehranchi (Cambridge)

11 November

Professor Trevor Sweeting (UCL)

18 November

Dr Adam Johansen (Warwick)

25 November

Professor John Whittaker (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

2 December

Dr Karim Anaya (Open University)
Statistical sensitivity analysis using Geometry

9 December

Dr Daniel Franks (York)
Analysis of Animal Social Networks

16 December

Professor Carlo Berzuini (Cambridge)

Spring 2010

4 February 2010

Professor Alastair Young (Imperial College London)
Objective Bayes and Conditional Probability Matching

11 February

RSS East Kent Local Group meeting (at UKC)

Professor John Kent (Leeds)
Procrustes methods in projective shape analysis

25 February

Dr Robert Gramacy (Cambridge)
Particle Learning for Sequential Design and Optimization

4 March

Professor Steffen Lauritzen (Oxford)

18 March

Professor Peter Jupp (St Andrews)   

25 March 

Professor Jonathan Forster (Southampton)
Bayesian model averaging for categorical data

8 April

Dr Efang Kong

Autumn 2009

22 October 2009

Professor Simon Godsill (Cambridge)

29 October

Dr Catriona Queen (Open University)
A graphical dynamic approach to forecasting road traffic flow networks

5 November

Professor Jennison (Bath)
Interim monitoring of clinical trials: decision theory, dynamic programming and optimal stopping

12 November

Professor Dankmar Böhning (Reading)
Capture-recapture estimation of population size by means of empirical Bayesian smoothing

26 November

Dr Mounia Hocine (Open University)
The case series method: models and applications

3 December 

Professor Gareth Roberts (Warwick)
Bayesian non-parametric analysis of diffusions

10 December

Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos (London School of Economics)
Diffusion models for physiological processes

17 December

Professor Jonathan Forster (Southampton)

Spring 2009

12 February 2009

Dr Piotr Fryzlewicz (Bristol)
The Dantzig selector in Cox's proportional hazards model

5 March

Dr Jim Griffin

2 April

Dr Sujit Sahu (Southampton)
Fusing point and area level space-time data with application to wet deposition

9 April

Dr Alex Beskos (UCL)
Diffusion limit for MCMC paths

5 February

Professor Deborah Ashby (Imperial College London)
What role should formal risk-benefit decision-making play in the regulation of medicines?

Autumn 2008

9 October 2008

Professor Chris Jones (Open University)
The t Family and Some of Their Close and Distant Relations

23 October

Dr Natesh Pillai (Warwick)
Levy Random Measures: Posterior Consistency and Applications

6 November

Professor Richard Boys (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Bayesian Emulation and Calibration of a Stochastic Computer Model of Mitochondrial DNA Deletions in Substantia Nigra Neurons

13 November

Professor Rosemary Bailey (Queen Mary, University of London)
Efficient Design for Two-colour Microarray Experiments

20 November

Dr Ajay Jasra (Imperial College London)
Stochastic Boosting

4 December

Professor Andy Wood (Nottingham)
The Use of Boostrap Methods in Shape Analysis

11 December

Professor Byron Jones (Pfizer)
Examples of Bayesian Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials

Summer 2008

15 May 2008

Dr Pradip Tapadar
Economic capital and financial risk management

24 June

Professor Margret Hoehe (Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin)
Genetic Variation, Haplotype Structures, and Genetics of Complex Disease: From the Workbench

Spring 2008

31 January 2008

Dr Maria De Iorio (Imperial College, London)
Statistical Models for DNA Sequence Segmentation: Linkage Disequilibrium and Haplotype Blocks

7 February

Dr Nikolaos Demiris (MRC Biostatics Unit)
Survival Extrapolation

14 February

Professor C.P. Farrington (Open University)
Case Series Models and Extensions

21 February

Dr Heather Turner (Warwick)
Nonlinear Discrete-time Hazard Models for Entry into Marriage

28 February

Professor Darren Wilkinson (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Bayesian Inference for Biochemical Network Models

6 March

Professor Trevor Bailey (Exeter)
Spatial Survival Modelling in Animal Disease Epidemics

13 March

RSS East Kent Local Group meeting
Dr Trevor Cox (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Measuring Plaque and its Removal from Teeth

27 March

Dr Paul Verrier (Rothamsted Research)
Tiling Arrays

3 April

RSS East Kent Local Group meeting
Professor Julian Faraway (Bath)
Statistics for Human Motion Modelling

Autumn 2007

11 October 2007

Dr Fabio Rigat (Warwick)
Non-parametic detection of neuronal functional dynamics

25 October

Professor Mark Steel (Warwick)
Flexible univariate continuous distributions

15 November

Professor Byron Morgan
Modelling heterogeneity in the survival of wild animals

22 November

Professor Sofia Olhede (UCL)
Multiscale inference for Lagrangian ocean turbulence

29 November

Dr Yee Whye Teh (UCL)
Bayesian agglomerative clustering with coalescents

6 December

Dr Maria De Iorio (Imperial College London)
Statistical models for DNA sequence segmentation: linkage disequilibrium and haplotype blocks

Summer 2007

14 June 2007

Research Student Presentations:
Karen Palmer
Modelling cell division by temporal stable distribution
Juan-Carlos Martinez
Nonparametric Bayesian Modelling of Markov Processes
David Rodrigues
Election forecasting

21 June

Research Student Presentations:
Mr Walid Alkhatib
Election Night Forecasting and Bayesian Modeling
Miss Foteini Strimenopoulou
Miss Kitty Wan
The whole genome association study

28 August

Dr Cliff Spiegelman (Texas A&M University)
Statistical considerations on the process of discovering biomarker candidates using MS platforms

Spring 2007

18 January 2007

Professor Phil Brown
Lasso-like inference in high dimensional regression settings

1 February

Dr Jian Zhang
Mixtures of exponential power distributions

15 February

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Sir David Cox (Oxford)
A Controversial issue in veterinary epidemiology models

22 February

Dr Dario Spano (Oxford)
Age-ordered allele frequencies, Gibbs partitions and Residual Allocation Models

1 March

Dr Richard Samworth (Cambridge)
Computing the maximum likeihood estimator of a multidimensional log-concave density

8 March

Dr Martin Ridout
Numerical inversion of Laplace transformations: algorithms and examples

15 March

Dr Christophe Andrieu (Bristol)
The auxiliary variable method for Monte Cario simulation revisited

22 March

Professor Jim Q. Smith (Warwick)

26 April

Professor Renze Li (Pennsylvania State University)
Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Semiparametric Estimation of Covariance Function

2 May

Joint Applied Mathematics and Statistics Seminar:
Professor Stuart Townley (Exeter)
Transients and Perturbations in Stage-Structured Population Dynamics

10 May

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Professor Tony O'Hagan (Sheffield)
Quantifying uncertainty in the UK carbon flux

Autumn 2006

28 September 2006

Professor Stephen Walker
Gibbs samplers and autoregressive processes

19 October

Professor Pieter Doevendans (Utrecht University Medical Centre)
Genetics in cardiovascular disease

26 October

Dr David Borchers (St Andrews)
Spatially explicit maximum likelihood methods for capture--recapture studies

2 November

Professor Elaine Martin (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Calibration modelling- the challenges posed by industrial process data

9 November

Dr Helen Clough (Liverpool)
Some statistical challenges in the epidemiology of human and animal pathogens

16 November

Dr Lothar Breuer
Matrix-analytic methods in stochastic modelling

23 November

Professor Richard Smith (Cambridge)
Exogeneity in semiparametric models: definitions and tests

30 November

Dr Magnus Rattray (Manchester)
Probabilistic inference of transcription factor activities from gene expression time series data

Summer 2006

4 May 2006

East Kent RSS Meeting
Professor Simon Tavare
Whole genome scans: full employment for statisticians?

15 June

Research Student Presentations
Maria Kalli
Mixtures of Dirichlet Processes (MDP) and the Slice Sampler
Dolores Sanchez Castaneda
Walid Alkhatib
Modelling and Forecasting British General Election
Zakiah Mohd Saat
Modelling the Hypopnea event
Kitty Wan

22 June

Research Student Presentations
Rachel Borysiewicz
The combined analysis of multisite mark-recapture-recovery data and multisite census data
Teresa Frost
Modelling and analysis of Wetland Bird Survey data
Kelly Moyes
Daniel Brown
Local weather covariates for wild animal survival
David Miller
Modelling population dynamics of orchids using matrix population models

Spring 2006

2 February

Dr Diana Cole
Stochastic Models for Yeast Prion Propagation

9 February

Dr Alfred Kume
Maximum-likelihood estimation using EM for the offset normal shape distributions

16 February

Professor Paul Blackwell ()
Radio-tracking, Bayesian inference and diffusion Models

2 March

East Kent RSS Meeting
Dr Nick Fieller (Sheffield)
Gene expression and annotation

9 March

Dr Peter Neal (UMIST)
Comparisons between two SIR epidemic models

16 March

Dr Huiling Le (Nottingham)
Brownian motion and geometric inequalities

30 March

Dr Nicholas A. Heard (Imperial College London)
Incorporating different data sources in gene expression clustering

Autumn 2005

13 October 2005

Professor Richard Law (York)
Spatio-temporal dynamics in plant populations and communities

20 October

Dr Jian Qing Shi (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Gaussian process functional regression modelling for batch data

27 October

Dr Paul Fearnhead (Lancaster)
Bayesian inference for multiple changepoint problems

3 November

Dr Peter Neal (UMIST)
Epidemics and small world networks (cancelled)

17 November

Dr Omiros Papaspiliopoulos (Lancaster)
Exact simulation and estimation of diffusion processes

24 November

Dr Frank Dudbridge (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)
Association analysis in nuclear families with missing genotypes

8 December

Dr William Browne (Nottingham)
Classification of SELDI-TOF data using principal components analysis, Bayesian MCMC modelling and a deterministic 'hump' finding algorithm

Trinity 2005

16 June 2005

Research Student Presentations:
Ms Areeg Mohamed Al-Angary
Ms Norhaiza Ahmad
Ms Maria Kalli
Ms Zakiah Mohd Saat
Ms Dolores Sanchez Castaneda

23 June

Research Student Presentations:
Mr David Revell
Ms Zarina Mohd Khalid
Ms Kelly Moyes
Ms Rachel Borysiewicz
Ms Teresa Frost

Lent 2005

27 January 2005

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Dr Richard Boys (Newcastle upon Tyne )
A Bayesian approach to DNA sequence segmentation

3 February

Dr Cathryn Lewis (Guy's, King's and St Thomas' School of Medicine)
Design and analysis of genetic association studies in inflammatory bowel disease

10 February

Professor Alan Colchester (Kent)
Diagnosis of vCJD and sCJD by quantitative analysis of magnetic resonance images

17 February

Professor Gavin Gibson (Heriot-Watt)
Bayesian inference with stochastic dynamical models

24 February

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Professor Susan Lewis (Southampton)
Adventures with industry

3 March

Professor Valerie Isham (UCL)
Space-time modelling of rainfall for continuous simulation

10 March

Dr Murdoch McAllister (Imperial College London)
Bayesian approaches to estimating fish abundance and making harvest decisions under uncertainty

14 April

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Professor David Spiegelhalter (Biostatistics Unit, MRC, Cambridge)
Performance Monitoring in the NHS

Michaelmas 2004

14 October 2004

Dr David A. Stephens (Imperial College London)
Model-based analysis of time-dependent microarray data

15 October

Professor Nils Hjort (University of Oslo)

21 October

Professor Qiwei Yao (LSE)
Spatial modelling: parametric and semiparametric approaches

28 October

Professor Christl Donnelly (Imperial College London)
Modelling of SARS epidemic and the impact of preventative measures

4 November

Dr Sofia Olhede (Imperial College London)
Seasonally persistent processes and frequency domain analysis of periodic long-memory

18 November

Marina Popa (Bristol)
Using an adaptive lifting scheme in predicting transmembrane helix locations along a protein sequence

2 December

Professor Robin Henderson (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Joint modelling of longitudinal and event time data

Trinity 2004

29 April 2004

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Professor Ian Jollife (Universities of Reading, Southampton, and Aberdeen )
Forcast Verification-did we get it right?

17 June

Research Student Presentations:
David Morris
Hierarchical Mixture Modelling of Microarray Data
Daniela Riva
Optimal design for estimating vaccine parameters from families of size two
Norhaiza Ahmad
Profiling the proteome of murine myeloma cells
Areeg Mohamed Al-Angary
Geostatistical data analysis

24 June

Research Student Presentations:
Zarina Mohd-Khalid
Survival models for time-to-complication data in the presence of long-term survivors and longitudinal measurements
David Revell
Modelling Bird Census data
Kelly Moyes
Population modelling for management of red deer in Scotland
Dr Diana Cole
Modelling the Chemical Curing of Yeast Prions

Lent 2004

29 January 2004

Professor Robert Curnow (Reading)
Estimating Numbers of Infective Units from Serial Dilution Assays

5 February

Dr Ken Newman (St Andrews)
The case of no observation error in state-space models for animal populations

19 February

Dr Zoubin Ghahramani (UCL)
Bayesian methods in machine learning

26 February

Dr Simon Godsill (Cambridge)
Sequential Monte Carlo for variable dimension problems, with applications in tracking and musical beat analysis

11 March

Dr Phil O'Neill (Nottingham)
Bayesian inference for epidemics with two levels of mixing

Trinity 2003

8 May 2003

RSS East Kent Local Group Meeting
Dr Wally Gilks (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge)
Probabilistic Genome Sequencing

18 July

Research Student Presentations:
Areeg Mohamed Al-Angary
Geostatistical Models
David Revell
A Unified Analysis of Chaffinches, Fringilla coelebs, in the UK
Norhaiza Ahmad
Analysis of proteomic data
David Morris
A Bayesian Latent Factor model applied to Microarray Data

25 July

Research Student Presentations:
Ms Zarina Mohd-Khalid
Modelling survival data with a proportion of long term survivors and varying degree of disease susceptibility
Ms Daniella Riva
Models for Clustered Binary Data
Mr Renato De Lima
Modelling spatial patterns of citrus canker disease incidence
Mr Jose Tome Ferreira
Bayesian Multivariate Skewed Regression Modelling with an Application to Firm Size

Lent 2003

20 February 2003

Professor Ian Dryden (Nottingham)
Non-stationary spatio-temporal analysis of karst water levels

19 March

Professor Winfried Stute (Universität Giessen)
The Statistical Analysis of Kaplan-Meier Integrals

21 March

Professor Peter Hall (Australian National University)
Nonparametric methods for deconvolving multiperiodic functions

27 March

Dr William Browne (Nottingham)
An MCMC algorithm for problems involving 'constrained' variance matrices with applications in multilevel modelling

Michaelmas 2002

24 October 2002

Dr Mark Beaumont (Reading)
Combining Markov chain Monte Carlo with importance sampling in genealogical inference

31 October

Professor Stephen Walker (University Of Bath)
Ideas about Bayesian consistency

7 November

Dr Jian Zhang
Haplotype Analysis Using Unphased Genotype Data

21 November

Dr David MacKay (Cambridge)
Hands-free writing

28 November

Joint RSS Medical Section and East Kent local group meeting at Pfizer Global R&D, Sandwich, Kent.
Chris Palmer (Centre for Applied Medical Statistics, University of Cambridge)
Data-dependent designs in clinical trials: Time to start learning-as-we-go.
Steve Coad (Sussex)
Sequential adaptive urn designs with elimination for comparing k*3 treatments.
Margaret Jones (Crathorne Statistical Consultants) & Andy Grieve (Pfizer Global R&D)
Is adaptive attractive, is flexible feasible?: Practical issues in
implementing response adaptive designs in drug development.

5 December

Professor Neil Ferguson (Imperial College)
Spatial epidemics: estimating transmission parameters and optimising control measures

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