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Dr Ian Wood

Lecturer in Mathematics

SMSAS - Mathematics Group

Room: RA104 (Rutherford Annexe)

Modules taught:
MA552: Analysis
MA577: Elements of Abstract Analysis
MA599/600/601: Mathematics Mini-Projects/Dissertation/Individual Projects

Office hours

Research Interests: Analysis of PDEs and spectral theory, in particular study of spectral properties of non-selfadjoint operators via boundary triples and M-functions (generalised Dirichlet-to-Neumann maps), regularity to solutions of PDEs in Lipschitz domains and waveguides in periodic structures.

Ian is Deputy Examinations Officer for undergraduate Mathematics programmes and serves on the School's Research Postgraduate Staff Student Consultative Committee.

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Brown, B.M. et al. (2015). On the spectrum of waveguides in planar photonic bandgap structures . Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series a-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences [Online].
Abels, H., Grubb, G. and Wood, I. (2014). Extension Theory and Krein-type Resolvent Formulas for Nonsmooth Boundary Value Problems . Journal of Functional Analysis [Online] 266:4037-4100.
Brown, B.M. et al. (2014). Spectrum created by line defects in periodic structures. Mathematische Nachrichten [Online] 287:1972-1985.
Brown, B.M. et al. (2009). The Abstract TITCHMARSH-WEYL M-Function for adjoint operator pairs and its relation to the Spectrum. Integral Equations and Operator Theory [Online] 63:297-320.
Brown, B.M., Eastham, M.S.P. and Wood, I. (2009). Conditions for the spectrum associated with an asymptotically straight leaky wire to comprise the interval (−∞, ∞). Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical [Online] 42.
Brown, B.M., Grubb, G. and Wood, I. (2009). M -functions for closed extensions of adjoint pairs of operators with applications to elliptic boundary problems. Mathematische Nachrichten [Online] 282:314-347.
Brown, B.M., Eastham, M.S.P. and Wood, I. (2009). Estimates for the lowest eigenvalue of a star graph. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications [Online] 354:24-30.
Brown, B.M., Eastham, M.S.P. and Wood, I. (2008). Conditions for the spectrum associated with an asymptotically straight leaky wire to contain an interval [− α^2/4, ∞). Archiv der Mathematik [Online] 90:554-558.
Brown, B.M. et al. (2008). Boundary triplets and M-functions for non-selfadjoint operators, with applications to elliptic PDES and block operator matrices. Journal of the London Mathematical Society [Online] 77:700-718.
Wood, I. (2007). Maximal L^p -regularity for the Laplacian on Lipschitz domains . Mathematische Zeitschrift [Online] 255:855-875.
Hieber, M. and Wood, I. (2007). The Dirichlet problem in convex bounded domains for operators in non-divergence form with L∞-coefficients. Differential Integral Equations 20:721-734.
Geissert, M. et al. (2005). The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup in exterior domains. Archiv der Mathematik [Online] 85:554-562.
Book section
Brown, B.M., Evans, W.D. and Wood, I. (2013). Some spectral properties of Rooms and Passages domains and their skeletons. in: Holden, H., Simon, B. and Teschl, G. eds. Spectral analysis, differential equations and mathematical physics: a festschrift in honor of Fritz Gesztesy's 60th birthday. Providence, RI, USA: AMS, pp. 69-85.
Brown, B.M. et al. (2011). Floquet-Bloch Theory for Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients. in: Janas, J. et al. eds. Spectral Theory and Analysis: Conference on Operator Theory, Analysis and Mathematical Physics (OTAMP) 2008. Poland: Springer, pp. 1-20.
Wood, I. (2009). The Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Semigroup in Bounded and Exterior Lipschitz Domains . in: Janas, J. et al. eds. Methods of Spectral Analysis in Mathematical Physics. Basel: Birkhaeuser, pp. 415-435.
Brown, B.M. et al. (2009). On Spectral Bounds for Photonic Crystal Waveguides . in: Bandle, C. et al. eds. Inequalities and Applications. Basel: Birkhaeuser, pp. 23-30.
Hieber, M. and Wood, I. (2003). Asymptotics of perturbations to the wave equation. in: Evolution equations. New York: Marcel Dekker, pp. 243-252.
Edited book
Brown, B.M., Lang, J. and Wood, I. eds. (2012). Spectral Theory, Function Spaces and Inequalities: New Techniques and Recent Trends. [Online]. Basel: Birkhaeuser.
Conference or workshop item
Brown, B.M., Eastham, M.S.P. and Wood, I. (2008). An example on the discrete spectrum of a star graph. in: Exner, P. et al. eds. Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK, January 8-June 29, 2007. American Mathematical Society, pp. 331-336.
Wood, I. (2005). Elliptic and Parabolic Problems in Non-Smooth Domains. [Online]. Berlin: Logos-Verlag.
Total publications in KAR: 20 [See all in KAR]
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