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2012 British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC)

For further information please contact either Professor Peter Fleischmann or Dr Jim Shank

The 2012 British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC) took place at the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent on 16-19 April 2012. This was the first time Kent had hosted the event since 1971.

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What is the BMC?

  • The BMC is the annual meeting of the British Pure Mathematics community.
  • It attracts participants from across the UK and around the world.
  • The meetings began in 1949 and recent conferences have included those held at Leicester in 2011 and at Edinburgh in 2010.
  • The BMC was last held at the University of Kent in 1971.
  • A comprehensive listing of past conferences can be accessed online at

BMC 2012 Programme

Photograph of Alan Turing, commemorating the centenary of his birth

Plenary Lecturers

Download full details of the Plenary Sessions (PDF, filesize 302 KB)

Morning Speakers


The 56th meeting of the Bristol Leicester Oxford Colloquium (BLOC) is a satellite activity of the BMC and this will take place on Monday 16 April from 12:00 - 15:30. Further details about BLOC.

The logo of the London Mathematical SocietyWe wish to acknowledge the support of the London Mathematical Society who have provided grant funding for BMC 2012.

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