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A commitment to the right to food entails a commitment to human wellbeing as well as to learning together about how to build a strong and fair society. As a learning community, we will find ways to track our progress carefully so we can tell our story to the rest of the world and encourage others to join us.

If you’re a university - we will be developing resources, establishing networks and sharing best practice to support other institutions…

If you’re a business, charity, voluntary or community organisation in Kent and Medway and beyond, working with food and its distribution, we hope to collaborate with you, share knowledge and, with your help, drive change and transformation.

If you would like to know more or keep in touch with developments, then please contact us at 


“Our commitment to the Right to Food sits side by side with our commitment to learn and share with others to inspire what we hope will be real progress and lasting change. We hope others will join us in this important and exciting initiative.”

Philip Pothen, Director of Engagement