Turner Contemporary: Stimulating strategic thinking

A woman presenting behind a podium at the Turner Contemporary

As part of Kent Business School’s growing business engagement activities, David Williamson, Director of External Services at the School joined the Turner Contemporary Gallery senior management Team for a facilitation exercise to stimulate strategic thinking among the Turner Contemporary managers.

As part of the School’s business support package, David Williamson, with the support of James Turpin, External Services Officer at the Kent Business School, channelled discussions to help managers identify, discuss and address their key priority focus areas to help strengthen the gallery’s economic sustainability.

“Turner Contemporary is one of the UK’s leading public art galleries and a key Kent tourist attraction, generating income and jobs in the regional economy. To maintain this position and achieve our mission, we are constantly planning and reviewing what we do and how we do it. Working with the Business Team at the Business School has really helped us develop our thinking, set future priorities and will ensure our continued success.”

Victoria Pomeroy, Director, Turner Contemporary, Margate

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David Williamson, Director of External Services, Kent Business School

Turner contemporary group photo

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