Simon Barnes

Strategic Partnership Development Manager
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 Simon Barnes


I joined the University of Kent in Canterbury in 2017, to support the UK Industrial Strategy, now as the University Strategic Partnerships Development Manager. I began my career in 1982 at the Port of Dover and since then have worked in supply chains and industries for international companies such as Whitbread, SCA and Essity, as well as in the marine, automotive and grocery sectors. Supply chains and business systems have been a common thread of my work, so too is facility multi-partnership groups.

The aim this new role is to secure major strategic partnerships between business/organisations and the University – long- term partnerships that work from graduate, masters, postgraduate, apprenticeship, research, innovation, translation, and application. The partnership is a mutual one of ideas and talent supply, capital, and in-kind contributions to strengthen the core strategies of the University and the partner. The partnership will be across the five inter-disciplinary themes of the University:

• Creativity, Culture and Heritage

• Cyber Security, Digital Technology and Communication

• Health, Social Care and Wellbeing

• Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict

• Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources

My role is often to catalyse and facilitate collaborations between industry partners and the University for these topics.

I have a post-graduate diploma with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and I am a Business Fellow of the Connected Places Catapult.

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