Changing Europe Initiative - Richard Whitman awarded ESRC Senior Fellowship

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Professor Richard G. Whitman (School of Politics and International Relations) has been awarded an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Senior Fellowship on the UK in a Changing Europe Initiative (the ESRC’s flagship programme for independent research-led understanding of the UK’s role in Europe) from Sunday 1 January 2023.

European security is currently in a state of flux. Russia’s war on Ukraine represents a challenge to the security order in Europe which adds to a range of existing uncertainties in Europe’s security, heightened by transnational phenomena impacting on Europe such as migration, climate, energy and the COVID-19 pandemic. This presents a challenge for the UK Government on the appropriate foreign and security policy response. The work under the Senior Fellowship examines the evolving pattern of European security and defence relationships that the UK has grown over recent years.  A widespread view is that Brexit resulted in a loss of influence or status for the UK in European security. The 30 month project, Securing Global Britain: building and sustaining plurilateral practices of security cooperation in Europe, will examine the UK’s involvement and contribution to European security cooperation and changes in the relationships with key partners including its role in security organisations such as NATO.

Congratulations to Richard on this achievement.

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