Staff profiles

The Kent Q-Step Centre team is responsible for the Centre’s main programmes and initiatives, and drawn from across the Faculty of Social Science.


Name Role
Dr. Tina Haux Q-Step Centre Director and Lecturer in Quantitative Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Trude Sundberg Lecturer in Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Ben Baumberg Geiger Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Edward Morgan-Jones Q-Step Co-ordinator for Politics and International Relations and Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics (Pol/IR)
Dr. Jack Cunliffe Q-Step Lead on Placements and Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Criminology (SSPSSR)
Dr. Laura Sudulich Senior Lecturer in Politics (Pol/IR)
Dr. Robert de Vries Lecturer in Quantative Sociology (SSPSSR)
Dr. Heejung Chung Senior Lecturer in Soiology and Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Mariska van der Horst Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (SSPSSR)
Keli Jenner Q-Step Recruitment and Placement Officer
Joe Warriner Q-Step Outreach and Placement Officer


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