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Staff profiles

The Kent Q-Step Centre team is responsible for the Centre’s main programmes and initiatives, and drawn from across the Faculty of Social Science.


Name Role
Dr. Tina Haux Q-Step Centre Co-Director and Lecturer in Quantitative Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Laura Sudulich Q-Step Centre Co-Director and Senior Lecturer in Politics (Pol/IR)
Dr. Trude Sundberg Lecturer in Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Ben Baumberg Geiger Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Jack Cunliffe Q-Step Lead on Placements and Lecturer in Quantitative Methods and Criminology (SSPSSR)
Dr. Robert de Vries Lecturer in Quantative Sociology (Pol/IR)
Dr. Heejung Chung Senior Lecturer in Soiology and Social Policy (SSPSSR)
Dr. Victoria Schoen Research Assistant, Recruitment and Placements (SSPSSR)
Keli Jenner Research Assistant (SSPSSR)


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