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Professor Bowman studied a BA degree in English Literature at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, a Folklore and Folklife MA at University of Pennsylvania, and a Comparative Literature MA at SUNY at Buffalo, before finally ending up at the Institute of Social Anthropology at Oxford. He did his DPhil fieldwork on Jerusalem pilgrimage, spending one of the most intense couple of years of his life living in Jerusalem's Old City (1983-85), before returning to the UK to teach at UCL and Kent. The first Palestinian intifada drew him back to the West Bank, and he has continued to work there until the current day; following his time in the West Bank Professor Bowman spent time in Yugoslavia studying nationalist mobilisation within a federated state.

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Edited book
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Book section
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Research Interests

Research Interests

Research Supervision

Professor Bowman is available to supervise PhD students in the fields of ethnic, national and religious identity politics, intercommunal relations, shrines and pilgrimage; Israel/Palestine and, Former Yugoslavia.

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Professor Bowman is the programme director for the BA in Liberal Arts and teaches on the following undergraduate modules:

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