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  • Deputy Head of the School of Physical Sciences


I researched for my PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Hull under the supervision of Dr. David Lacey as part of the Liquid Crystal group. After receiving my PhD in 1993 I worked as postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Kent on polysilane syntheses and applications with Prof. Dick Jones. Subsequently I worked with Prof. Roeland Nolte in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the University of Nijmegen on supramolecular chemistry. I became a lecturer in organic chemistry at Kent in 1998.

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319, Ingram Building

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Belsey, K. et al. (2017). Switchable disposable passive RFID vapour sensors from inkjet printed electronic components integrated with PDMS as a stimulus responsive material. Journal of Materials Chemistry C [Online] 5:3167-3175. Available at:
Kalinovskyy, Y. et al. (2017). Microwave-assisted activation and modulator removal in zirconium MOFs for buffer-free CWA hydrolysis. Dalton Transactions [Online] 46:15704-15709. Available at:
Wright, A. et al. (2017). Poly High Internal Phase Emulsion for the Immobilization of Chemical Warfare Agents. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces [Online] 9:31335-31339. Available at:
Monaghan, O. et al. (2017). Controlling the melting transition of semi-crystalline self-assembled block copolymer aggregates: controlling release rates of ibuprofen. Polymer Chemistry [Online] 8:5303-5316. Available at:
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Research Interests

Simon Holder's predominant research interest is in the synthesis and application of novel polymeric materials. Holder is an internationally recognised expert on the synthesis of polysilanes and he has been engaged in understanding the polymerisation of dichlorodiorganosilanes to improve the yields, allowing for the first time the high yield synthesis of a variety of polysilanes at ambient temperatures.  
A further main area of research interest is the synthesis by controlled polymerisations and application of novel copolymers including:

  • Polysilane block copolymers - unique biomaterials applied as thin film templates for controlled CaCO3 mineralisation and cell growth.
  • Optimised synthesis of polysiloxane based amphihilic block copolymers.
  • Novel stabilisers for the non-aqueous dispersion polymerisation of vinyl monomers in non-polar solvents giving micro- and nano-particles.

Simon Holder is also engaged in the design and development of novel non-invasive polymer based optical sensor systems including: the development of polymer based sensors of local surface pressures and temperatures, and fluorescent labelled polysiloxane elastomers for measurements of mechanical deformation.

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  • CH309 - Fundamental Chemistry for Chemists and Bioscientists
  • CH504 - Organic Chemistry
  • CH506 - Chemical Identification Techniques
  • RAE Coordinator
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School of Physical Sciences, Ingram Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NH

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