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Physics reaches from the quark out to the largest of galaxies: and encompasses all the length, mass and timescales within these extremes.

It is no surprise, then, that at the heart of the professional physicist is a fascination with, and a desire to understand, the 'how and why' of the material world around us.

We aim to provide a thorough training in a stimulating learning environment, and to equip our graduates to collaborate and compete successfully with their colleagues throughout their subsequent careers.

At Stage 3 the combination of specialist modules and an attachment to one of our research teams opens avenues for even deeper exploration: you might find yourself involved in designing space probe instrumentation, or mapping the retina of a patient's eye using fibre optics, or modelling the atomic-scale structure of a new engineering material, or taking the Channel Tunnel to Paris for neutron scattering work.

On the Year in Industry programmes, you spend a year between your second and final year working on an approved placement.

We also offer the chance to study abroad on selected MPhys programmes. A course list is provided below and you may find a student profile on the year abroad interesting to read here. For further information on the opportunity to spend a year abroad, please contact us.

DID YOU KNOW: According to the DLHE survey 2015, Physics and Astronomy at Kent was ranked 1st out of 47 HEIs in the UK for students who found employment or went on to further study within 6 months of graduating in 2014.


*Universities include but are not limited to: Indiana University in Bloomington, several campuses of the University of California, Trent and Calgary Universities in Canada and the City University Hong Kong.

Current Student / Alumni and Staff Profiles

The overriding impression from our students is one of a friendly supportive department which gets to know its students and work with them to give them a rich experience.  Both the campus and Canterbury are highly regarded and seen to offer all you need for a great time at University.


International Student Profiles

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Older Profiles


Vicky Fitzgerald


Physics - graduate

  • The department gave me the opportunity to work in a research team this last summer which has been amazing. I've had my own project, written a scientific paper and been at the Rutherford Laboratory.
  • The department is very supportive and there is a good relationship between lecturers and students.
  • The number of students is not too large so that we can get to know each other and support each other.
  • They are flexible to allow you to adjust your course if you want to do something different. I started doing Physics with Astrophysics and changed easily to straight Physics.
  • There are a huge number of career options with a degree in physics but having experienced research I'm quite tempted to do this too.
  • The campus has a huge number of sports, cultural and other societies and runs different activities like International night and Mediterranean night.
  • The campus is safe for women and there are measures in place to make sure it is safe which is very reassuring.
  • On campus there is a caring and supportive environment and there is a whole week of settling in and getting to know people in Freshers' Week.


Steven Parsons

Physics with Astrophysics - graduate

  • The course was absolutely fascinating, it combines the most interesting topics of astrophysics with the most important topics of modern physics. You really get an overview of the whole of physics and the added advantage of a speciality.
  • The lecturers are always willing to help and discuss the current topics, there is a great relationship between staff and students. Many of them are able to bring the modules to life by bringing enthusiasm and knowledge to tricky subjects.
  • Student life was the greatest experience of my life. It was liberating and a little scary, but that's what makes it worth doing. It was completely different to anything else I had ever done.
  • There is always something going on somewhere on campus which makes it such a unique place. I helped run the Salsa Society one year which was a huge success and great fun.
  • Canterbury itself it a wonderful, picturesque city, it's full of interesting places to visit and socialise. You will never have the same night twice!


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