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Forensic science is a high profile subject in the UK. It has received a lot of new investment for expansion since the well-publicised miscarriages of justice in the 1970s. As a result, with scientific liaison officers being appointed by the police service, the knowledge and communication gap between the scientists and the police at the crime scene has narrowed.

Forensic skills are also used in a wide range of professional and industrial activities, for instance at disaster scenes, within archaeology and in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

New legislation has stimulated an increasing demand for authentication of materials, and for experts and analytical companies to carry out the work. So forensic science now provides many more opportunities for graduate employment than in its traditional perceived role in the service of the law.

Forensic scientists are specialists but their skills have to bridge several disciplines. The multidisciplinary nature of the subject is founded on broad but integrated scientific skills applied within a legal context. At Kent the core scientific content is taught by staff from the School of Physical Sciences and the Department of Biosciences, and the legal background is taught by staff from Kent Law School.

On the Year in Industry programmes, you spend a year between your second and final year working on an approved placement.

Successful completion of the Foundation Year course, which includes lectures in chemistry, mathematics and essay writing, together with practical classes, automatically grants a place on the Forensic Science degree programme.

DID YOU KNOW: According to the DLHE survey 2015, 88% of Forensic and Archaeological Science students found employment or went on to further study within 6 months of graduating in 2014.


Current Student / Alumni and Staff Profiles

The overriding impression from our students is one of a friendly supportive department which gets to know its students and work with them to give them a rich experience.  Both the campus and Canterbury are highly regarded and seen to offer all you need for a great time at University.


Alumni Profiles

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International Student Profiles

Bsc Forensic Science: Reeya Oogarah

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Older Profiles


Matt West

Forensic Science

  • The course is a multidisciplinary mix of courses from Physical Sciences, Law and Biosciences, which gave me the chance not only to look at crime scene investigation but also study a broader science background to widen the possible careers I can go into.
  • The department is small enough that I know all the staff and they know me.They are a friendly department, and they are very supportive and always keen to help with questions.
  • The students on my course and in the department are very positive and enthusiastic.
  • There is a really good dialogue between the staff and students about changes that we think necessary. They listen and act upon our suggestions which means the course is always improving.
  • The campus is fantastic, cosmopolitan and has a really good mix of students.
  • Canterbury is a great place to live being so near France/London/the sea and there is plenty of reasonably priced accommodation and lots of opportunities for part-time work.


Laura Bauld

Forensic Science with a Year in Industry

  • Canterbury is a lovely city, there are a great variety of shops, being a student we get discounts in most, and is in walking distance from campus.
  • I chose Canterbury mainly because of the year in industry opportunity to get my foot in the door, to have a year's experience the day I graduate. This degree is very chemistry based as well which is another great asset to have as students here are more likely to be good potential employees in a broader variety of companies.
  • The lectures are great here, the rapport between lecturers and students are great here, they are all very approachable and their doors are always open to us. I am a course rep and they listen to all of our concerns, recommendations, criticisms and help where they can.
  • The department is really friendly, we have our own student room with really good facilities.
  • The Forensic Science course is really well structured, it is interesting, challenging and covers a variety of different disciplines.
  • The student support here is very good.
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