New book explores lifecourse influences on the mental health of older people

Olivia Miller
huy-phan-QCF2ykBsC2I-unsplash by Unsplash

A new book by Alisoun Milne, Professor of Social Gerontology and Social Work at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, provides insights into how lifecourse and age related inequalities and experiences impact mental health and wellbeing in later life.

Entitled, Mental Health in Later Life: Taking a Lifecourse Approach, the book analyses the meaning and determinants of mental health amongst older populations and offers a critical review of the lifecourse, ageing and mental health discourses for health and social care students, practitioners, policy makers and researchers.

A free virtual ‘Meet the Author’ event will be hosted by Professor Milne on 8 July 2020 at 19.00 to discuss her book where she will welcome input from attendees during a Q&A.

Professor Milne said: ‘The mental health of older populations is often overlooked. My new book adopts a lifecourse lens to explore and distil the individual and structural factors that undermine, or conversely promote, mental health in later life. My experiences as a social worker, researcher and lecturer are all brought to bear on a topic that has relevance for all in us. I look forward to welcoming attendees to my ‘Meet the Author’ event to find out more’.

Mental Health in Later Life: Taking a Lifecourse Approach is published by Policy Press:

Milne delivers a thoughtfully considered examination of mental health and later life. She exposes the complex and varied textures of people’s lives into older age that impact well-being. A highly readable text relevant for all health and social care students and practitioners – Testimonial from Professor Mary Pat Sullivan, Nipissing University