Kent graduate with longest name becomes TikTok sensation

Olivia Miller
Prof Ben Cosh and Bolu after graduation ceremony

Bolowatife Oluwasemilore Oluwadamilola Oyekunle Ayanfeoluwa Emmanuel Michael Oladele – aka Bolu – can add TikTok sensation to his degree in Computing Science from Kent.

More than 2 million people have already watched the clip of Bolu picking up his degree as his certificate-busting name was read out.

Commenting on the experience Bolu said: ‘I feel good after graduating – the ceremony was great – and now that I’ve broken a record with my name, it’ll definitely be a day to remember.’

Professor Ben Cosh was the announcer faced with the unenviable task of reading out the 38-syllable showstopper in front of a packed Canterbury Cathedral. Speaking about this moment he said: ‘It’s always an honour calling people up to the stage to collect their degrees. You’re literally announcing to the world that this person has done something real, and challenging, and meaningful. And you’re lifting them over the threshold into their new life as a university graduate. So it’s kind of important to get their name as close to right as you can! Bolu’s magnificent moniker has gone into our record books and all of us at Kent wish him the very best in his future ambitions.’

Like many commenters on social media, Bolu was impressed with Professor Cosh’s efforts: ‘I think he did really well with the pronunciations. He came and found me after the ceremony and told me he was excited to read it all out because it was the longest name he had ever seen.’