Human evolution educational materials for home learning

Olivia Miller

With COVID-19 lockdown in place, it can be challenging for parents to keep children mentally stimulated and entertained with home education.

A change of routine away from school is hard, but a variety of educational resources can help to keep children interested in learning.

Professor Tracy Kivell and Dr Matthew Skinner of Kent’s School of Anthropology and Conservation have created several interactive educational materials aimed at primary and secondary school children to improve their understanding of human evolution.

The materials were developed to be both engaging and scientifically accurate and to provide education on the history of human ancestors (hominins). The resources particularly highlight the critical role that hominin fossils found in Africa have played in understanding how humans evolved.

The downloadable print files include:

  • An ‘Exploring human evolution’ activity book, including several activities (e.g. colouring sheets, maze, word scramble, matching activities).
  • A ‘Find your path of evolution!’ board game, complete with pop-out die and six player pieces.
  • Fact and activity sheets for four different species of fossil human ancestors (hominins): Australopithecus sediba, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo naledi and Homo habliis. With pop-out figurines and fold-up landscapes for each.

Print ready PDFs can be downloaded here:

These materials were designed in collaboration with illustrator Caitin Hansen. The development of these materials was supported by European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant 336301 and the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) via the University of Kent to promote research in countries in receipt of Official Development Assistance.