Alumni contribute to The Jungle Book winning Oscar

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El Suliman by El Suliman

Three University graduates played a role in helping the film The Jungle Book win Best Visual Effects at the recent Academy Awards.

El Suliman, who graduated from the University’s School of Engineering and Digital Arts with a BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design and then went on to gain an MSc in Computer Animation, was a senior animator on the film.

He worked on a range of animals in the film, studying their physiologies and skeletons to ensure realism.

Currently working in Singapore, El Suliman said that being a part of an Oscar winning team ‘is pretty amazing’, adding that ‘it’s a great feeling seeing your team’s work appreciated on such a large scale’.

He said that his studies at Kent had been ‘absolutely vital’. Since graduating, he has also worked in New Zealand as an animator. See El Suliman’s show reel.

Other Kent alumni involved were Bernard Wicksteed (animation), an MSc Computer Animation graduate, and Marlene Chazot (software developer), an MSc Digital Visual Effects graduate.