Kent incorporates UN Sustainable Development Goals into its operations

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Canterbury campus
Canterbury campus by University of Kent
Aerial view of Canterbury campus

The University has signed an agreement to incorporate the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals into its operations and the teaching curriculum it delivers.

This will see the University working to deliver on goals including ending poverty, promoting gender equality, creating sustainable cities and communities, minimising its impact on the environment and offering inclusive and equitable education opportunities for all.

As part of this commitment the University’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Karen Cox has signed the SDG Accord, which sets out the role universities and colleges can play in the delivery of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Specifically, the SDG Accord pledges that the University will provide an annual report on its progress towards the SDGs and to share learnings and best practice with other universities and colleges to help them achieve the same goals.

Work towards the SDG goals will be overseen within the University by a programme currently being trialled in the Estates Department called FutureProof. This will provide help and guidance to all areas of the institution on how they can incorporate the SDGs into their operations.

A full list of the 17 SDG’s can be seen on the UN’s website here.