Free event to discuss how tech innovations will improve healthcare

Heidi Pullig

On Friday 2 June, leading experts from the Division of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences will host and participate in a live, thought-provoking panel event to discuss how technology can transform health and care systems.

The event, which will take place at the Gulbenkian Arts Centre on the Canterbury campus between 12.30-1.30pm, is free and open to all.

The expert panelists will discuss their cutting-edge research, and share their insights on the potential for technology to enhance the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on real-life implications.

Panelist and Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Viktorija Makarovaite said: ”Smart’ innovations for medical technology are essential to reduce the care burden on NHS health professionals, especially as we are facing staffing shortages in almost all health sectors. If we can reduce daily time on more admin-like tasks (such as checking levels, pressures, supply stocks) then health professionals could concentrate on the face-to-face patient care instead.

‘For example, when an intubated patient is in the ICU,  the ICU staff are required to test the endotracheal cuff pressure levels manually throughout their shift (varied from Trust to Trust). If we could incorporate a wireless pressure sensor, then we can have a continuous real-time measurement incorporated into the hospital system that flags when any issue is found and could also detect any dangerous trends before device failure occurs. In a real sense, it only might save minutes throughout the day, but these minutes are invaluable to the staff. Currently, this is one of the research areas I’m working on. Nothing will ever replace the hands-on bedside care but by incorporating devices we can reduce the NHS time burden on tasks that aren’t direct patient care.’

To learn what the future might hold for healthcare at this event, please register for the event in advance via this link.