Paris centre celebrates 50 years of protest with Revolutions MA Festival

Press Office

Series of events running throughout the week of 4 - 8 June examines the role of resistance and protest in society.

The Paris School of Arts and Culture is currently running its third-annual MA Festival with the theme of Revolutions, marking 50 years since the protests that swept Europe in 1968.

The event features a raft of artwork and events, in a variety of mediums, including history, film, literature, visual arts and music dedicated to both the 1968 protests and other notable resistance movements throughout history.

Events include a walking tour on Thursday June 7 exploring the resistance movement to the Nazi government during in the 1940s while on Tuesday 5 June an all-day conference took place with talks from Dean for Europe, Professor Jeremy Carrette and writer and critic Agnès Poirier.

The Paris School of Culture and Arts is one of four European centres hosted by the University, alongside those in Brussels, Rome and Athens.