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Papers and lectures by MEMS members in 2014-2015

Date/ event Title and Speaker

24 July 2015

The Emergence of a Maritime Nation: Britain in the Tudor and Stuart Age, 1485–1714

National Maritime Museum, London

Keynote address, 'Sailing to Guinea in the 16th Century: the English Experience' - Professor Bernhard Klein

15 July 2015

London Renaissance Seminar

Invited paper, 'Work and Leisure: domestic behaviour and the quotidian spaces of service’ - Dr Catherine Richardson

10 June 2015

Connected Oceans: New Avenues of Research in Oceans and Maritime History

University of Porto

English Travel to Guinea before 1600 - Professor Bernhard Klein

24-25 April 2015

Considering women in the early modern Low Countries, Antwerp

'Considering the economic role of women in the Dutch Republic.' - Dr Danielle van den Heuvel

26-28 March 2015

Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference


Invited research paper, ‘Bilderfahrzeuge’ project (Warburg Institute) - Professor Bernhard Klein


"'[F]ire new words': Coined Words and Metaphors on the Early Modern Stage" - Dr Harry Newman


'Comparing European Street Experience in the Long Seventeenth Century'* - Dr Danielle van den Heuvel and Dr Catherine Richardson

*Part of two panels organised by Drs Richardson and van den Heuvel, entitled: 'Comparative Perspectives on Early Modern Street Life'.

15 March 2015

Making Knowledge Conference, University of Liverpool

Keynote speech - Dr Catherine Richardson

20 February 2015

The University of Kent, Canterbury

Annual Lecture to the Friends of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust - Dr Catherine Richardson

19 February 2015

The British Embassy, Paris

Kent 50th Anniversary event

Invited paper on the TEEME programme - Professor Bernhard Klein

14 November 2014

Christopher Gilbert Lecture for the Regional Furniture Society - Dr Catherine Richardson

6 November 2014

Epic Knowledge (Centre for Advanced Study, LMU Munich)

Keynote address - Professor Bernhard Klein

3 November 2014

The Institute of Historical Research


'The Spanish Match in Spain: Philip III and Philip IV between Religion and Reason of State, c. 1604-1624' - Valentina Caldari

14 October 2014

International symposium, ‘Le corps de la letter et l’esprit du texte. Cultre materielle et creation en Europe et dans les Ameriques’

University of Nantes

Keynote speech - Dr Catherine Richardson

11-12 September 2014

Women’s work across time and place: foundations for comparisons across pre-census Europe’, University of Glasgow

'The Industrious Revolution' - Dr Danielle van den Heuvel

13-15 July 2014

The Society for Renaissance 6th Biennial Conference

University of Southampton

‘“When the candels or lamps be light’’: Narrative, Sociability, and Performative Space in the Early Modern Parlour’

- Dr Catherine Richardson

7-10 July 2014

International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds

Tuesday 8 July

(711-c) 'Martyrs and Mosaics' Honororius III's Architectural Propaganda in the Basilicas of Rome - Jan Vandeburie

(937) 'Neuroscience and the Middle Ages: A Round Table Discussion' - participants include Sarah James and Clare Wright


Wednesday 9 July

(1004-a) 'Reconsidering the Meaning of G(e)aldor in Old English: Condemned Pagan Practice or Christian Ritual' - Ciaran Arthur

(1011-c) 'The Languages of the Liturgy in the Middle Ages - Helen Gittos

(1134-a) 'Goostly, the ighe of thi soule is thi reson': Spiritual Exercises in and out of Cloister in Some Middle English Pastoral Anthologies' - Ryan Perry

(1134-c) “Yf he shoulde a shrift fader be, hym behovid have lerned of some degree”: clerical reform in orthodox pastoralia’ - Dr Sarah James

5 July

'Error and Print Culture, 1500-1800' conference at Oxford, presented by Bodleian Libraries, Centre for the Study of the Book

"'[W]hat haue we heere?': Reading for Scapes, Faults and Slips in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale"

- Dr Harry Newman

12-13 June

'Perspectives on Chivalry, Mediaeval to Modern'
Rowan University, New Jersey

‘Chivalry and Sainthood in Late-Medieval Cyprus’ 

- Dr Sarah James

29-31 May

Transforming Scripture: Biblical translations and adaptations in Old and Middle English

St. Anne's College, Oxford

‘Monks, millers and men behaving badly: the Elucidarium in medieval England’

- Dr Sarah James

22 April

Shakespeare 450 conference in Paris

‘I spake but by a metaphor’: The Material Culture of Metaphors in Shakespearean Drama

- Dr Harry Newman

20 April

Shakespeare Association of America in St Louis

'Making an Impression: The Stamp of the Bard'

- Dr Harry Newman

9-19 April

'Othello's Island' - Cornaro Institute, Larnaca, Cyprus

'From East Anglia to the Eastern Mediterranean in John Capgrave's Life of St Katherine'

- Dr Sarah James

29 March

Annual Medieval Theatre meeting

Murray Edwards College, The University of Cambridge

'Sensing, Feeling, Remembering: Effecting Spiritual Change in Medieval Audiences’.

- Dr Clare Wright

14 March

Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Early Modern History

Research paper - Dr Catherine Richardson

26 February

Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Science and Humanities (CRASH)

The University of Cambridge

'Domestic 'Things': (Comparing Material Cultures 1500-1900)

- Dr Catherine Richardson

24 February

Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS)

University of York

‘Two lubberly preposterous figures’: Medieval giants in modern London'

- Dr Alixe Bovey

14 February

Domestic Things’, CRASSH ‘Things’ Seminar, University of Cambridge

‘“Conferring by the parlour fire”: story-telling in the middling-status house’ - Dr Catherine Richardson

21 January

The Bibliographical Society's January Lecture

'From St Bartholomew's to the Old Royal Library: The Smithfield Decretals as a Law Book'

- Dr Alixe Bovey





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