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MEMS Research Seminar programme - Autumn Term 2017-18

Welcome to the Autumn Term's schedule of weekly Reseach Seminars, featuring work-in-progress by scholars and doctoral students at the University of Kent, as well as across the UK and internationally. Seminars take place on Thursdays at 5.15pm in Darwin College, Lecture Theatre 2 (DLT2), unless otherwise stated.

Date Title

Week 1: Thurs 19 Jan


Academic staff from MEMS present their research interests and latest projects.

Week 2: Thurs 5 Oct

Dr. John Gilles, University of Essex

'The Conversational Turn in Shakespeare'

Week 3: Thurs 12 Oct


Dr Sarah Dustagheer, Dr Rory Loughnane and Dr Clare Wright, University of Kent

'Cultures of Performance in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: a workshop launching the new research cluster'.

Week 4: Thurs 19 Oct

Dr Sarah Bowden, King's College, London

'Voicing Sin: Text, voice and confession in 11th and 12th century Germany'

Week 5: Thurs 26 Oct

Silke Muylaert and Stuart Palmer, University of Kent

'Reformation 500: New Perspectives on the Reformation in Canterbury'

Week 6: Thurs 2 Nov

Reading week - no seminar

Week 7: Tues 7 Nov

3-4.30pm (venue tbc)

Postgraduate Seminar by Prof. William Chester Jordan, Princeton University

Week 7: Tues 7 Nov

GLT2 from 6pm

The Anselm Lecture -'1096: Killing as Retribution, Defiance and Atonement'.

Prof. William Chester Jordan, Princeton University

Week 7: Thurs 9 Nov

Professor Kathryn Rudy, University of St. Andrews

'Physical Veneration: wet and dry techniques for touching medieval manuscripts''

Week 8: Thurs 16 Nov

'The Renaissance in Late Medieval Canterbury and the Dialogue between Print and Manuscript'
Dr David Rundle,
University of Oxford

Week 9: Thurs 23 Nov

Dr Thomas Smith, University of Leeds

'The Rise of Papal Provision: benefices, immigration and xenophobia in Thirteenth-Century England' 

Week 10: Thurs 30 Nov

Dr Kylie Murray, University of Cambridge

'Elizabeth Melville and the Poetics of Desire in Early Modern Britain'

Week 11: Thurs 7 Dec

Ye Olde MEMS Chrystmasse Quizze

(Inquisitor General to be announced.)

Week 12: Thurs 14 Dec

Reading week - no seminar


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