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The MEMS Friends' MA Studentship

As you are no doubt aware, it is increasingly difficult for students to obtain funding for an MA, consequently many exceptionally talented students are unable to pursue postgraduate studies. In 2012, we launched the MEMS Friends' MA Studentship Fund, with all of the proceeds raised being used to provide an MA student with a bursary towards the cost of their tuition fees. Thanks to the generosity of our Friends, we have so far been able to help two postgraduate students to fund their studies with us and we hope to continue to support another student during 2015-16.

Segolene and Sophie - our two recipients of the Studentship so far - tell us what your support has meant to them:

I did my undergraduate degree in English Literature, Language and Civilisation in France. On my year abroad at Kent, last year, I had the opportunity to take modules on medieval literature, which helped me to extend and deepen my interest in the medieval world. I heard of MEMS, of their programme and of the skills they have to offer such as palaeography and Latin. I was really looking forward to it, being already familiar with the excellent teaching of their staff. This year has been absolutely fantastic: I really enjoyed exploring the History of the Book and Middle English religious literature, researching at the Cathedral Library and handling manuscripts. I am so grateful to the Friends of MEMS, without whom all of this would have never been possible for me.

Segolene Gence - MEMS Friends MA Studentship recipient 2014-2015




I have now completed my MA and though it feels like it’s gone so quickly, I’ve had an amazing year. The teaching on the course has been brilliant and has allowed me to pursue my own research interests as well as giving me the chance to explore other topics that I haven’t looked at in depth before, such as the medieval topography of Canterbury and Middle English religious literature. Without the support of the MEMS Friends all of this would never have been possible and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I feel very honoured and privileged to have been the first recipient of the Studentship, and having experienced all that the MA year can offer I am excited to know that someone will be given this opportunity again next year. Thank you all so much.

Sophie Kelly - MEMS Friends MA Studentship recipient 2013-2014




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