Canterbury Campus Masterplan

Canterbury Campus Masterplan

The Framework Masterplan for the Canterbury campus of the University of Kent sets out a vision for its future evolution. The document, completed in 2019, is designed to give a clearer understanding of the context in which the campus may change in the coming years, covering both the short (2018 to 2021) and medium term (2021 to 2031). 

The Masterplan is recognised formally within the Council’s local planning policy framework, specifically under Policy EMP7 of the Canterbury Local Plan.   

About Campus MasterPlan

The purpose of the Campus Masterplan is to provide a spatial framework to guide the future development of the University campus over the next fifty years. The plan sets out a set of principles to guide where new buildings to assist the University’s growth and development might be located and landscapes conserved. It is however a flexible plan able to accommodate many forms of new development when the particular needs of the University become known. The plan should not therefore be read as a strictly binding blueprint for the future campus development, but rather as an overarching structure or framework to guide long term change.

It has been prepared in collaboration with Canterbury City Council and other stakeholders and consulted widely in the surrounding communities. The Campus Masterplan forms the background guidance for Canterbury City Council to assess development proposals within the University and will be a material consideration when determining planning applications, as defined in the Canterbury District Local Plan.

Summary Document (PDF 22.09MB)