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Weatherill Papers: personal papers

These personal records of the Weatherill family are a miscellaneous collection, most of which appears to have survived by chance. The series of correspondence seems to have been kept by Weatherill's parents and there is a bundle of papers in the miscellaneous section which appears to have been kept by Lyn Weatherill. The army papers are more clearly a collection assembled by Weatherill himself.

Miscellaneous family papers

Accession code: WEA/C M

This file contains various materials about members of the Weatherill family and a bundle of 'letters to treasure'

1 file, 1930-1997

Accession no.DescriptionDate
WEA/C M1 Typescript copy of 'Some Reminiscences of My Life' by Bernard Weatherill

Bernard Weatherill, Weatherill's father wrote this reminiscences shortly after his second serious stroke in 1958. It is an account of his life which concentrates on his childhood and the details of his business ventures in general and the setting up of his successful tailoring business Bernard Weatherill Ltd, in particular.

1 doc

1959 (ca)
WEA/C M2 Copy of 'W.R.N.S. Despatch Riders at Fort Southwick during the War' and other items, 1997

This is a short published history of the WRNS Despatch riders who were based at Southwick during the Second World War. It includes information about Barbara Weatherill who was based there. There is also a newspaper cutting about the pamphlet's publication.

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WEA/C M3 Passports belonging to Weatherill family, 1946-1966

Two of the passports belong to Weatherill's parents and the other two passports belong to Weatherill were issued in 1946 and 1956. They contain several visas for the United States, where he travelled with his father on business and several European stamps with the amounts of foreign currency issued noted in the back. Interestingly he signs his name giving his first Christian name Bruce in full rather than Bernard.

4 docs

1946 to 1966
WEA/C M4 Bundle of personal letter and papers

This bundle is labelled, 'letters to treasure' and contains a variety of items including wedding invitations, birth announcements, schools marks for Weatherill's sons and a number of cards from Weatherill to his wife celebrating their wedding anniversary. There is some evidence that this bundle could have been put together by Lyn Weatherill.

56 docs

1965 to 1983
WEA/C M5 Malvern College List, 1938

This printed list contains details of the masters and boys at the school, the class lists, scholarships and school diary.

1 doc

WEA/C M6 Bank Pass Book, 1930-1937

The pass book is for Weatherill's account at the Guildford branch of Barclays Bank

1 doc

1930 to 1937

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