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Weatherill Papers: collection overview

Political papers: accession code WEA/P

Constituency papers: WEA/PC

Parliamentary papers: WEA/PP

Files on particular issues, drafts of speeches and newspaper clippings, articles featuring Weatherill in his various positions of office.

  • Conservative Whips Office, 1967-1979: WEA/PP W
  • Vice Chamberlain of the Royal Household: WEA/PP R
  • Chairman of Ways & Means,Deputy Speaker, 1979-1983: WEA/PP M
  • Privy Counsellor: WEA/PP P
  • Speaker of the House of Commons, 1983-1992: WEA/PP S
  • High Bailiff of Westminster Abbey and Searcher of the Sanctuary, 1989- (uncatalogued): WEA/PP B
  • House of Lords, 1992- (uncatalogued): WEA/PP C
  • Convenor of the Cross-Bench Peers, 1995- (uncatalogued): WEA/PP L
  • Hansard Files, 1984-1993: WEA/PP H
    Selected copies of Hansard with Weatherill's annotations, notes, correspondence and newspaper clippings. Includes occasions when Speakers Rulings are made.
  • Engagement Files, 1983-1995: WEA/PP E
    Series of files generally arranged on a weekly basis during parliamentary sessions covering all appointments and official engagements, with accompanying documents, letters and invitations. This process was begun by Weatherill when he was Speaker and continued when he left office.
  • Travel Files, 1984-1992: WEA/PP T
    Files containing material about Weatherill's visits during Parliamentary recesses to other countries, including India, North America and Eastern Europe, often in his capacity as Chairman of the Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers.
  • Video Tapes: WEA/PP V
    Published videos, recordings of Parliamentary proceedings, television interviews and interviews at conferences abroad.
  • Printed Books, Periodicals and Pamphlets: WEA/PP Z
    Includes loose copies of The Illustrated London News,1935-1969; loose copies of Punch marked up by Weatherill for cartoons and articles about Parliament and the Speaker, 1885-1956; and political cartoons mostly from Punch, presentation copies of books, Register of Members' Interests etc.

Personal papers: accession code WEA/C

These personal records of the Weatherill family are a miscellaneous collection, most of which appears to have survived by chance. The series of correspondence seems to have been kept by Weatherill's parents and there is a bundle of papers in the miscellaneous section which appears to have been kept by Lyn Weatherill. The army papers are more clearly a collection assembled by Weatherill himself.

Business papers: accession code WEA/B

  • Correspondence Files: WEA/B C
    Application and renewal of royal licences for clothing sold by Weatherill Ltd., Sporting Tailors of Savile Row.

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