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List of books in the collection



ABELES, Elvin The student and the university: a background book on the campus 1969 371.81
ADAMS, Andy Trail drive: a true narrative of cowboy life from Andy Adams' log of a cowboy 1965 B/ADA
ALBRECHT, Lillie V. Susanna's candlestick 1970 F/ALB
ALCOTT, Louisa May A round dozen 1963 F/ALC
ALCOTT, Louisa May An old-fashioned thanksgiving 1974 F/ALC
ALDERMAN, Clifford L. Colonists for sale: the story of indentured servants in America 1975 306.363
ALDERMAN, Clifford L. The dark eagle: the story of Benedict Arnold 1976 973.382
ALDERMAN, Clifford L. The war we could have lost: the American Revolution 1974 973.3
ALIKI A weed is a flower: the life of George Washington Carver 1965 630.92 CAR
ALLEN, Robert T. The violin: a children's story 1976 F/ALL
ANDERSON, Madelyn Klein Sea raids and rescues: the United States Coast Guard 1979 359.970973
ANNO, Masaichiro Anno's mysterious multiplying jar 1983 F/ANN
ARCHER, Jules Battlefield president : Dwight D. Eisenhower 1967 B/EIS
ARNOLD, Pauline How we named our states 1965 910.014
ASHABRANNER, Brent To live in two worlds : American Indian youth today 1984 305.230899
ASIMOV, Isaac Caught in the organ draft: biology in science fiction 1983 F/ASI
ASIMOV, Isaac How did we find out about black holes? 1978 523.8875
ASIMOV, Isaac Mars, the red planet 1977 523.43
ASIMOV, Isaac To the ends of the Universe 1967 523.1
AULT, Phil "All aboard!": the story of passenger trains in America 1976 385.220973
AVAKIAN, Arra S. The Armenians in America 1977 325.256620
AVI The fighting ground 1984 F/AVI
AYARS, James The Illinois River 1968 977.35


BAKER, Nina Brown Henry Hudson 1959 B/HUD
BAKER, Patricia Martin Luther King 1974 B/KIN
BALES, Carol Ann Tales of the elders: a memory book of men and women who came to America 1977 325.10073
BANNING, Evelyn Mary Lyon of Putnam's Hill 1965 B/LYO
BARTH, Edna Witches, pumpkins, and grinning ghosts: the story of the Halloween> 1972 394.2683
BEATTY, Patricia How many miles to sundown 1974 F/BEA
BEATTY, Patricia The bad bell of San Salvador 1973 F/BEA
BENCHLEY, Nathaniel A necessary end: a novel of World War II 1976 F/BEN
BENNETT, Lerone Pioneers in protest 1968 923.6
BLIVEN, Bruce A mirror for greatness: six Americans 1975 920.073
BLIVEN, Bruce New York : the story of the world's most exciting city 1969 974.71
BLIVEN, Bruce The American Revolution 1760-1783 1958 973.3
BLOS, Joan W. A gathering of days: a New England girl's journal, 1830-32 1979 F/BLO
BLOUGH, Glenn O. Christmas trees and how they grow 1961 582.1
BONTEMPS, Arna Chariot in the sky: a story of the Jubilee singers 1951 973.71596
BONTEMPS, Arna Hold fast to dreams: poems old and new 1969 811.08
BONTEMPS, Arna Young Booker: Booker T. Washington's early days 1972 B/WAS
BORDEN, Morton [editor] The American Tory 1972 973.314
BOSSE, Malcolm J. Cave beyond time 1980 F/BOS
BOURNE, M.A. Nabby Adams' diary 1975 F/BOU
BRAHS, Stuart J. An album of Puerto Ricans in the United States 1973 325.272950
BRATHWAITE, Errol The needle's eye 1965 F/BRA
BRIGGS, Peter Men in the sea 1968 925.5146
BRINSMEAD, H. F. Beat of the city 1975 F/BRI
BRISTOW, Gwen Golden dreams 1980 979.404
BROWN, Dee Tepee tales of the American Indian, retold for our times 1979 398.2
BROWN, Dee Wounded knee: an Indian history of the American West 1974 970.5
BROWN, Marcia Backbone of the king : the story of Paka'a and his son Ku 1966 398.209969
BROWN, Marion M. Homeward the arrow's flight 1980 B/LAF
BROWN, Marion M. The silent storm 1963 B/MAC
BURCHARD, Peter North by night 1962 F/BUR
BURMAN, Ben Lucien Four lives of Mundy Tolliver 1953 F/BUR
BURMAN, Ben Lucien High treason at Catfish Bend 1977 F/BUR
BURMAN, Ben Lucien The strange invasion of Catfish Bend 1980 F/BUR
BURT, Olive W. Rescued! America's endangered wildlife on the comeback trail 1980 333.954


CABRAL, Olga So proudly she sailed: tales of Old Ironsides 1981 F/CAB
CARLETON, Barbee O. The witches' bridge 1967 F/CAR
CARLSON, Natalie S. Ann Aurelia and Dorothy 1968 F/CAR
CAROL, Bill J. Touchdown duo 1968 F/CAR
CASE, Josephine Y. This very tree 1969 F/CAS
CAUDILL, Rebecca A certain small shepherd 1965 F/CAU
CAUDILL, Rebecca The far-off land 1964 F/CAU
CAVANNA, Betty Runaway voyage 1978 F/CAV
CHAMBERS, Bradford Chronicles of negro protest: a background book for young people 1968 323.119607
CHASE, Owen The wreck of the whaleship Essex: a narrative account 1965 910.45
CHASE, Virginia One crow, two crow 1971 F/CHA
CHENEY, Cora The incredible Deborah : a story based on the life of Deborah Sampson 1967 B/SAM
CLAPESATTLE, Helen The Mayo brothers 1962 B/MAY
CLAYTON, Ed Martin Luther King: the peaceful warrior 1964 323.092 KI
CLEARY, Beverly Dear Mr Henshaw 1983 F/CLE
CLYNE, Patricia E. Patriots in petticoats 1976 973.315
COHEN, Barbara Molly's pilgrim 1983 F/COH
COIT, Margaret Andrew Jackson 1965 B/JAC
COLLIER,, James L. My brother Sam is dead 1974 F/COL
COLLIER, James L. The bloody country 1976 F/COL
COLLIER, James L. The winter hero 1978 F/COL
COOLIDGE, Susan What Katy did next 1886 F/COO
COOPER, Jamie Lee The castaways 1970 F/COO
COY, Harold Man comes to America 1973 970.01
COY, Harold The Americans 1958 973
CRAIG, Irene Flags and formalities 1958 929.92
CRAWFORD, Joanna Birch interval 1964 F/CRA
CUMMINGS, Betty Sue Let a river be 1978 F/CUM
CUNLIFFE, Marcus George Washington and the making of a nation 1966 B/WAS
CURRY, Jane Louise Down from the lonely mountain: California Indian tales 1965 398.20979
CURTIS, Edward S. The girl who married a ghost, and other tales from the North American Indian 1977 398.2097


DAUGHERTY, James The landing of the Pilgrims 1950 973.2
DAVIS, Burke Heroes of the American Revolution 1971 973.3092
DAVIS, Burke Yorktown : the winning of American independence 1969 973.331
DAVIS, Julia Mount up: a true story 1967 973.713
DE PAUW, Linda G. Founding mothers: women of America in the Revolutionary era 1975 973.315042
DEAL, Borden A long way to go 1965 F/DEA
DEAL, Borden Dunbar's cove 1957 F/DEA
DEAL, Borden The least one 1967 F/DEA
DELEAR, Frank J. Airplanes and helicopters of the U. S. Navy 1981 359.940973
DICKINSON, Emily I'm nobody! who are you? : poems of Emily Dickinson for children 1978 811.4 DIC
DICKSON, Gordon R. Space winners 1965 F/DIC
DITZEL, Paul C. How they built our national monuments 1976 973
DODDS, John W. Everyday life in twentieth century America 1965 973.91
DOLBIER, Maurice. Benjy Boone 1967 F/DOL
DRUCKER, Malka. Series TV: how a television show is made 1983 791.45


EARLE, Olive L. State trees 1960 582.160973
EATON, Jeanette. Trumpeter's tale: the story of young Louis Armstrong 1955 B/ARM
EDMONDS, Walter D. Bert Breen's barn 1975 F/EDM
EDWARDS, Cecile P. John Alden: steadfast pilgrim 1965 B/ALD
EGYPT, Ophelia S. James Weldon Johnson 1974 B/JOH
ELLIOTT, Lawrence The long hunter : a new life of Daniel Boone 1976 B/BOO
ELLISON, Lucile W. A window to look through 1982 F/ELL
ENGLE, Eloise The Finns in America 1977 325.248970
EPSTEIN, Beryl Who says you can't? 1969 323.46
ERNST, John Escape King: the story of Harry Houdini 1975 793.8
EVANS, Mark Scott Joplin and the ragtime years 1976 B/JOP
EVARTS, Hal G Jedediah Smith: trail blazer of the west 1958 B/SMI
EWEN, David The Cole Porter story 1965 781.30992
EWERS, John K. Men against the earth 1946 F/EWE


FABER, Doris Petticoat politics : how American women won the right to vote 1967 324.623
FABER, Doris Wall Street : a story of fortunes and finance 1979 332.642097
FABER, Harold From sea to sea: the growth of the United States 1967 973
FEINBERG, Barbara Silberdick Franklin D. Roosevelt, gallant president 1981 B/ROO
FELDMANN, Susan [editor] The story telling stone: myths and tales of the American Indians 1965 398.209709
FELTON, Harold Nat Love: Negro cowboy 1969 B/LOV
FELTON, Harold W Ely S. Parker: spokesman for the Senecas 1973 B/PAR
FELTON, Harold W James Weldon Johnson 1971 B/JOH
FICHTER, George S How to build an Indian canoe 1977 623.8129
FISHER, Aileen My cousin Abe 1962 F/FIS
FISHER, Aileen We Alcotts: the story of Louisa M. Alcott's family 1968 B/ALC
FISHER, Leonard Everett The unions 1982 331.880973
FITZGERALD, John D Brave buffalo fighter 1973 F/FIT
FORBES, Esther Johnny Tremain: a novel for old and young 1943 F/FOR
FORMAN, James The cow neck rebels 1969 F/FOR
FORSEE, Aylesa William Henry Jackson: pioneer photographer of the West 1964 770.9
FOSTER, John Marco and the tiger 1967 F/FOS
FOX, Paula A likely place 1967 F/FOX
FOX, Paula Portrait of Ivan 1969 F/FOX
FOX, Paula The King's falcon 1969 F/FOX
FOX, Paula The stone-faced boy 1968 F/FOX
FREEDMAN, Florence B Two tickets to freedom : the true story of Ellen and William Craft, fu 1971 305.567
FREEMAN, Douglas S Lee of Virginia 1958 973.7092
FRENCH, Dorothy Kayser Swim to victory 1969 F/FRE
FRIERMOOD, Elisabeth Whispering willows 1964 F/FRI
FRIERMOOD, Elisabeth H Doc Dudley's daughter 1965 F/FRI
FRITZ, Jean Traitor: the case of Benedict Arnold 1981 973.382


GAGLIARDO, Ruth Let's read aloud: stories and poems 1962 808.8
GALBRAITH, Clare K Victor 1973 F/GAL
GARDINER, John R Stone fox 1980 F/GAR
GARRATY, John Theodore Roosevelt: the strenuous life 1967 B/ROO
GARST, Shannon Ernest Thompson Seton, naturalist 1959 B/SET
GARST, Shannon Red eagle 1959 F/GAR
GAULT, William C The big stick 1975 F/GAU
GAYLE, Addison Oak and ivy: a biography of Paul Laurence Dunbar 1971 811.5 DUN
GEORGE, Jean C Going to the sun 1976 F/GEO
GEORGE, Jean C One day in the desert 1983 591.52652
GLOVACH, Linda The little witch's halloween book 1975 394.2683
GOLDING, Morton J The mystery of the Vikings in America 1973 970.013
GOODMAN, Walter Black bondage: the life of slaves in the South 1969 305.567
GOODSELL, Jane Daniel Inouye 1977 B/INO
GRAHAM, Ada The changing desert 1981 574.52652
GREENFELD, Howard Gertrude Stein: a biography 1973 818.52 STE
GREENFIELD, Eloise Childtimes: a three generation memoir 1979 973.00496
GREENFIELD, Eloise Honey, I love, and other love poems 1972 811.5 GRE
GREY OWL The adventures of Sajo and her beaver people 1935 F/GRE
GRIESE, Arnold A The way of our people 1975 F/GRI
GUNN, Jeannie [Mrs. Aeneas] We of the never-never 1908 B/GUN
GUTMAN, Bill Women who work with animals 1982 636.00922


HALE, Lucretia P The complete Peterkin papers 1880 F/HAL
HALEY, Gail E Jack Jouett's ride 1973 973.3
HALL, Gordon Langley Osceola 1964 973.57
HALL-QUEST, Olga W Guardians of liberty : Sam Adams and John Hancock 1963 B/ADA
HALL-QUEST, Olga W The bell that rang for freedom ; the Liberty Bell and its place in> 1965 323.44
HAMILTON, Virginia W. E. B. Du Bois: a biography 1972 973.00496
HANNUM, Alberta Paint the wind 1958 970.3 NAV
HARRIS, Janet Thursday's daughters : the story of women working in America 1977 331.40973
HARRIS, John Endangered predators 1976 599.744
HARTER, Walter The phantom hand and other American hauntings 1976 133.1
HASKINS, James Adam Clayton Powell: portrait of a marching Black 1974 973.92
HAVILAND, Virginia Favorite fairy tales told in Greece 1970 398.2
HAYDEN, Robert C Eight black American inventors 1972 926.099607
HAYS, Wilm Pitchford The French are coming 1965 F/HAY
HAYS, Wilma Pitchford Mary's Star: a tale of orphans in Virginia, 1781 1968 F/HAY
HEAPS, Willard A Wandering workers: the story of American migrant farm workers> 1968 331.544
HEARD, J. Norman The black frontiersmen: adventures of Negroes among American Indians> 1969 978.00496
HEDDLE, Enid M How Australian literature grew 1962 828.9934
HENRY, Marguerite The illustrated Marguerite Henry 1980 F/HEN
HENRY, Will Maheo's children: the legend of Little Dried River 1968 970.5
HICKMAN, Janet Zoar blue 1978 F/HIC
HILTON, Suzanne The way it was - 1876 1976 973.8
HOLBERG, Ruth L Luke and the Indians 1969 F/HOL
HOOKS, William H Circle of fire 1982 F/HOO
HOOPLE, Cheryl G As I saw it: women who lived the American adventure 1978 973.0082
HOYT, Edwin P Franklin Pierce: the fourteenth president of the United States 1972 973.66
HOYT, Edwin P John Tyler : the tenth President of the United States 1969 B/TYL
HOYT, Olga American Indians today 1972 970.00497
HOYT, Olga G Freedom of the news media 1973 323.445
HYMAN, Linda Winslow Homer: America's old master 1973 759.13 HOM


IFKOVIC, Edward The Yugoslavs in America 1977 325.249709
IRWIN, Constance Strange footprints on the land: Vikings in America 1980 970.013
JACKSON, Jesse Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! the life of Mahalia Jackson, ...> 1974 783.2 JAC
JACOBS, W. J William Bradford of Plymouth Colony 1974 974.402
JAMES, Will Scorpion : a good bad horse 1936 F/JAM
JENSEN, Malcolm C Francisco Coronado: a visual biography 1974 B/COR
JOHANSEN, Margaret A From sea to shining sea: how Americans have lived 1960 973
JOHNSON, Owen The Lawrenceville stories [2 copies] 1967 F/JOH
JOHNSTON, Johanna Harriet and the runaway book: the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe> 1977 818.3 STO
JONES, Hettie Coyote tales 1974 398.209701
JONES, Thomas C Shaping the spirit of America 1964 973
JORDAN, June Dry victories 1972 973.00496


KAMEN, Gloria Fiorello: his honor, the little flower 1981 B/LAG
KATZ, Jane B We rode the wind: recollections of nineteenth-century tribal life 1975 970.00497
KIDD, Ronald Dunker 1982 F/DUN
KOCH, Adrienne [editor] Jefferson 1971 973.46
KONIGSBURG, E. L From the mixed-up files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler 1967 F/KON
KONIGSBURG, E. L Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me, Elizabeth 1967 F/KON
KRYTHE, Maymie R What so proudly we hail: all about our American flag, monuments and> 1968 973
KURTZ, Henry Ira Captain John Smith: a visual biography 1976 973.21
KUTLER, Stanley I. [editor] John Marshall 1972 B/MAR


L'ENFANT, Julie The dancers of Sycamore Street 1983 F/LEN
L'ENGLE, Madeleine A swiftly tilting planet 1978 F/LEN
LAMPMAN, Evelyn S Squaw man's son 1978 F/LAM
LAPOINTE, Frank The Sioux today 1972 970.3 SIOU
LARRICK, Nancy [editor] Piping down the valleys wild 1968 811.08
LATHAM, Frank B Abraham Lincoln 1968 973.7092
LAUBER, Patricia Who discovered America? 1970 970.011
LAURITZEN, Jonreed The glitter-eyed wouser 1960 F/LAU
LAURITZEN, Jonreed Treasure of the high country 1959 F/LAU
LAVINE, Sigmund A Famous industrialists 1961 926.273
LAWSON, Ted W Thirty seconds over Tokyo 1953 940.5425
LAYCOCK, George Never pet a porcupine 1965 591
LEIGHTON, Margaret Bride of glory : the story of Elizabeth Bacon Custer 1962 B/CUS
LENS, Sidney Working men: the story of labor 1960 331.0973
LENSKI, Lois City poems 1971 811.5 LEN
LESTER, Julius To be a slave 1968 305.567
LIBBY, Bill The Reggie Jackson story 1979 796.357
LIEBERMAN, Jethro K Privacy and the law 1978 342.0858
LINGG, Ann M. John Philip Sousa 1954 780.92 SOU
LIVINGSTON, Myra Cohn No way of knowing: Dallas poems 1980 811.5 LIV
LIVINGSTON, Myra Cohn [editor] Why am I grown so cold? 1982 811.08
LOEB,, Robert H New England village: everyday life in 1810 1976 974.403
LOMASK, Milton Andy Johnson : the tailor who became president 1962 B/JOH
LOMASK, Milton Odd destiny: a life of Alexander Hamilton 1969 973.46
LOMASK,, Milton This slender reed: a life of James K. Polk 1966 973.61
LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth Paul Revere's ride 1973 811.4 LON
LUCKHARDT, Mildred C Funny stories to read or tell 1974 F/LUC
LYONS, Grant Andy Jackson and the battles for New Orleans 1976 973.5239
LYONS, Grant Pacific Coast Indians of North America 1983 970.00497
LYTTLE, Richard B People of the dawn: early man in the Americas 1980 970


MACARTHUR, Douglas Courage was the rule: General Douglas MacArthur's own story 1965 940.53
MACAULAY, David Unbuilding 1980 690.523
MACHLIS, Joseph American composers of our time 1963 780.92
MAIORANO, Robert Worlds apart: the autobiography of a dancer from Brooklyn 1980 B/MAI
MANN, Peggy The man who bought himself : the story of Peter Still 1975 B/STI
MARKEY, Dorothy The little giant of Schenectady: a story of Charles Steinmetz 1956 B/STE
MARKUN, Patricia Maloney The first book of the Panama Canal 1958 386.44
MARRIN, Albert The sea rovers : pirates, privateers, and buccaneers 1984 364.164
MASSEY, J. Earl America's money: the story of our coins and currency 1968 332.4973
MAYERSON, Evelyn W. Coydog 1981 F/MAY
MCCOY, J. J. A sea of troubles [2 copies] 1975 363.7394
McFALL, Christie Wonders of dust 1980 551.5113
McGAW, Jessie Brewer Chief Red Horse tells about Custer : the Battle of the Little Bighorn 1981 973.82
McNEER, Mary The story of George Washington 1973 B/WAS
MEADER, Stephen W. Stranger on Big Hickory 1964 F/MEA
MEIGS, Cornelia Jane Addams: pioneer for social justice 1970 303.48409
MELTZER, Milton Langston Hughes: a biography 1968 B/HUG
MENDOZA, George Norman Rockwell's Americana ABC 1975 759.13 ROC
MERCER, Charles Statue of Liberty 1979 974.71
MERIWETHER, Louise The freedom ship of Robert Smalls 1976 B/SMA
MEYER, Carolyn Eskimos: growing up in a changing culture 1977 305.897107
MEYER, Edith P. In search of peace: the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1901-19751978 920.900144
MEYER, Edith P. That remarkable man : Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes 1967 B/HOL
MIERS, Earl Schenck Abraham Lincoln in peace and war 1964 973.7092
MILLER, Albert G. Mark Twain in love: the story of the unsuitable suitor 1973 F/MIL
MILLER, Floyd Ahdoolo! : the biography of Matthew A. Henson 1963 B/HEN
MOLLOY, Anne The years before the "Mayflower": the pilgrims in Holland 1972 973.2
MOORE, Lilian Sam's place: poems from the country 1973 811.5 MOO
MOORE, Lilian Something new begins: new and selected poems 1982 811.5 MOO
MORRISON, Dorothy Nafus Chief Sarah : Sarah Winnemucca's fight for Indian rights 1980 B/WIN
MORRISON, Dorothy Nafus The eagle and the fort : the story of John McLoughlin 1979 B/MAC
MUIR, Jane Famous modern American women writers 1959 809.89287
MULCAHY, Lucille The blue marshmallow mountains 1959 F/MUL
MUNZER, Martha E. Block by block: rebuilding city neighbourhoods 1973 307.760974
MURPHY, JIM Baseball's all-time stars 1983 796.357
MURRAY, Michele Nellie Cameron 1971 F/MUR
MYERS, Elisabeth P. Madam Secretary: Frances Perkins 1972 973.91 PER


NAFUS, Dorothy Under a strong wind: the adventures of Jessie Benton Fremont 1983 973.6
NELSON, Marg Mystery at Little Squaw River 1963 F/NEL
NOBLE, Iris Cameras and courage: Margaret Bourke-White 1973 770.92 BOU
NOBLE, Iris Joseph Pulitzer: front page pioneer 1957 070.92 PUL
NORMAN, Gertrude Dorothea Lynde Dix 1959 361.92 DIX
NUGENT, Frances R. George Bellows: American painter 1963 759.13 BEL


OGBURN, Charlton The bridge 1957 F/OGB
OLDFIELD, Audrey Baroola and us 1973 F/OLD
ORGEL, Doris Next door to Xanadu 1969 F/ORG


PAPASHVILY, Helen W. Louisa May Alcott 1965 B/ALC
PARADIS, Adrian A. Labor in action: the story of the American labor movement 1963 331.88
PATTERSON, Wayne The Koreans in America 1977 325.257097
PELLOWSKI, Anne Winding Valley Farm: Annie's story 1982 F/PEL
PERL, Lila Puerto Rico: island between two worlds 1979 972.95
PHIPSON, Joan Birkin 1965 F/PHI
PHIPSON, Joan The crew of the "Merlin" 1966 F/PHI
PLACE, Marian T. John Wesley Powell: Canyon's conqueror 1963 ?
PLATE, Robert Palette and tomahawk : the story of George Catlin, July 27 1796-December 23, 1872 1962 B/CAT
PLOTZ, Helen [editor] Gladly learn and gladly teach: poems of the school experience 1981 811.08
PORTIS, Charles True grit 1968 F/POR
POTTER, Marian A chance wild apple 1982 F/POT
POYNTER, Margaret Gold Rush: the Yukon stampede of 1898 1979 971.902


QUACKENBUSH, Robert The man on the flying trapeze 1975 791.33


RADFORD, Ruby L. Robert E. Lee 1973 973.7092
RASKIN, Ellen The tattoed potato, and other clues 1975 F/RAS
REED, A. W. Maori tales of long ago [1960?] 398.20993
REEDER, Red Bold leaders of the American Revolution 1973 973.3092
REEDER, Red The story of the revolutionary war 1959 973.3
REID, Dorothy M. Tales of Nanabozho 1963 398.20971
REMINI, Robert V. The revolutionary age of Andrew Jackson 1976 973.56
REYNOLDS, Robert L. Commodore Perry in Japan 1963 952.025
RICHARDS, Norman Dreamers and doers: inventors who changed our world 1984 926.2
ROBERTS, Bruce Ghosts and specters: ten supernatural stories 1930 398.25
RODMAN, Selden Horace Pippin: the artist as a black American 1972 759.13 PIP
ROGERS, W. G. What's up in architecture: a look at modern building 1965 724.6
ROSS, Pat [editor] Young and female : turning points in the lives of eight American> 1972 920.720973
RUBLOWSKY, John Born in fire : a geological history of Hawaii 1981 559.69


SAUER, Carl Man in nature: America before the days of the white man 1939 970.01
SCHULTZ, Pearle H. Generous strangers: six heroes of the American Revolution 1975 973.3092
SCHWARTZ, Alvin Witcracks: jokes and jests from American folklore 1973 817
SCOTT, Jack Denton Discovering the American stork 1976 598.34
SCOTT, John Hunger: man's struggle to feed himself 1969 338.19
SCOTT, John A. Woman against slavery : the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe 1978 B/STO
SCOTT, John Anthony Fanny Kemble's America 1973 B/KEM
SEED, Suzanne Saturday's child: 36 women talk about their jobs 1973 331.4
SEVERN, Bill The right to vote 1972 324.62
SHARON, Mary Bruce Scenes from childhood 1978 759.13 SHA
SHEAFER, Silvia A. Women of the west 1980 978.02
SIEGEL, Beatrice A new look at the Pilgrims: why they came to America 1977 973.21
SIEGEL, Beatrice Lillian Wald of Henry Street 1983 B/WAL
SIMON, Charlie May The Andrew Carnegie story 1965 B/CAR
SINGER, Isaac Bashevis Stories for children 1984 F/SIN
SIVE, Helen R. Music's Connecticut Yankee: an introduction to the life and music of Charles Ives 1977 B/IVE
SKURZYNSKI, Gloria The tempering 1983 F/SKU
SLOANE, Eric Once upon a time: the way America was 1982 973
SOLOMON, Louis The Mississippi: America's mainstream 1971 977
SONDERGAARD, Arensa My first geography of the Panama Canal 1960 386.44
SOUTHALL, Ivan To the wild sky 1967 F/SOU
STAFFORD, Marie Peary Discoverer of the North Pole: the story of Robert E. Peary 1959 B/STA
STARKEY, Marion The visionary girls: witchcraft in Salem village 1973 F/STA
STEELE, William O. Westward adventure : the true stories of six pioneers 1962 978.03
STEINBERG, Alfred Woodrow Wilson 1961 973.913
STEMPLE, David High Ridge gobbler: the story of the American wild turkey 1979 598.61
STERLING, Dorothy Forever free : the story of the emancipation proclamation 1963 973.714
STERN, Madeleine B. Queen of Publishers' Row: Mrs. Frank Leslie 1965 B/LES
STERN, Phillip D. Our space environment 1965 520
STEVENS, Bryna Deborah Sampson goes to war 1984 973.3092
STOLZ, Mary Leap before you look 1972 F/STO
STONE, A. Harris Puttering with paper 1968 500
STRETE, Craig Kee Paint your face on a drowning in the river 1978 F/STR
STRICKLAND, Dorothy S. [ed] Listen children: an anthology of black literature 1982 818.0896
SUDDETH, Ruth Elgin Tales of the Western world: folk tales of the Americas 1953 398.20973
SUSSMAN, Cornelia Thomas Merton: the daring young man on the flying belltower 1976 271.125
SYPHER, Lucy J. The turnabout year 1976 F/SYP
SYPHER, Lucy Johnston Cousins and circuses 1974 F/SYP


TAMARIN, Alfred Ancient Indians of the Southwest 1975 970.49
TAYLOR, Mildred D. Roll of thunder, hear my cry 1976 F/TAY
TAYLOR, Sydney Danny loves a holiday 1980 F/TAY
TAYLOR, Sydney Ella of all of a kind family 1978 F/TAY
TERRY, Walter Frontiers of dance: the life of Martha Graham 1975 792.809 GR
TERZIAN, James P. Defender of human rights: Carl Schulz 1965 973.5 SCHU
THEROUX, Paul A Christmas card 1978 F/THER
THIELE, Colin Storm boy 1963 F/THI
THRASHER, Crystal End of a dark road 1982 F/THR
TOBIAS, Tobi Arthur Mitchell 1975 B/MIT
TOWNSEND, J. David The cats stand accused 1961 F/TOW
TRUEMAN, Stuart Ghosts, pirates and treasure trove : the phantoms that haunt New Brunswick 1975 398.20971
TURKLE, Brinton Rachel and Obadiah 1978 F/TUR


ULYATT, Kenneth The Longhorn trail 1967 F/ULY
UNITED NATIONS On wings of love: the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child 1978 341.481
UNRAU, Ruth Who needs an oil well? 1968 F/UNR
UNWIN, M. J. Booran: a tale of early Australia 1958 F/UNW
VAN DER VEER, Judy To the rescue 1969 F/VAN
VANCE, Marguerite Esther Wheelwright: Indian captive 1964 973.25
VOIGHT, Virginia F. Mohegan chief: the story of Harold Tantaquidgeon1965 B/TAN


WAGNER, Frederick Robert Morris: audacious patriot 1976 973.3092 W
WAGNER, Jenny The bunyip of Berkeley's Creek 1973 F/WAG
WAITE, Esther Kate Farley, pioneer 1939 B/FAR
WALKER, Barbara The Little House cookbook : frontier foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's 1979 641.5622
WALSH, Henry Six plays in American history 1969 812.5 WAL
WALTER, Mildred Pitts Because we are 1983 F/WAL
WALTON, Richard J. America and the Cold War 1969 327.73
WALTRIP, Lela Quiet boy 1961 F/WAL
WARD, Lynd The silver pony : a story in pictures 1973 F/WAR
WATSON, Nancy Dingman Sugar on snow 1964 F/WAT
WAUGH, Charles G. [editor] The Newbery award reader 1984 F/NEW
WEINER, Sandra They call me Jack: the story of a boy from Puerto Rico 1973 974.710046
WEINGAST, David E. We elect a president 1968 324.973
WEITZMAN, David Windmills, bridges, & old machines: discovering our industrial past 1982 620.00973
WELLS, Ann E. Tales from Arnhem land 1959 398.20994
WERSBA, Barbara The dream watcher 1968 F/WER
WERSBA, Barbara Tunes for a small harmonica 1976 F/WER
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WIBBERLEY, Leonard Time of the harvest: Thomas Jefferson: the years 1801-26 1966 B/JEF
WILLIAMS, Jay The silver whistle 1971 F/WIL
WILLIAMS, Jeanne Freedom trail 1973 F/WIL
WILLIAMS, Neva Patrick Des Jarlait: the story of an American Indian artist 1975 970.3 CHIP
WILLIAMS, Terry T. The secret language of snow 1984 551.5784
WILSON, Beth P. Giants for justice: Bethune, Randolph & King 1978 923.6073
WILSON, Carter On firm ice 1969 F/WIL
WILSON, Ellen Margaret Fuller: bluestocking, romantic, revolutionary 1977 B/FUL
WILSON, Ellen They named me Gertrude Stein: a biography 1973 818.52 STE
WILSON, John H. Albert A. Michelson : America's first Nobel prize physicist 1958 B/MIC
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WISE, Winifred E. Lincoln's secret weapon 1961 B/CAR
WISE, Winifred E. Rebel in petticoats: the life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1960 324.623
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WOOD, James P. Sunnyside: a life of Washington Irving 1967 B/IRV
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YATES, Elizabeth My diary, my world 1981 B/YAT
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YATES, Elizabeth Pebble in a pool 1958 B/FIS
YOUNG, Bob Seven faces west 1969 920.078
YOUNG, Stanley Mayflower boy 1944 F/YOU

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