Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Using knowledge to support strategic change and business growth

Working with a University partner can enable a company or organisation to access knowledge, technology and skills to meet a core strategic need at the same time as upskilling staff and embedding new expertise within the organisation.

KTPs are part-funded partnership projects employing a graduate or postgraduate, known as the Associate. Projects typically last for between 1 and 3 years and have a generous training budget as well as a budget for consumables and expenses. All projects are supported by an academic team providing key input and direction for the project as well as enabling the transfer of key expertise and knowledge through the Associate.  

Benefits Include:

  • Delivery of a strategic project dependent upon new knowledge and skills
  • Access to knowledge and skills at a very competitive rate
  • Bespoke delivery of a project 
  • An Associate dedicated to the project, employed by the University, working full time for the organisation
  • Academic expertise and input to the project based on a half a day a week 
  • Training and development for staff as a direct result of the knowledge cascaded from the project 
  • A new capability developed within the company or organisation 
  • An average increase of more than £1m in annual profits before tax post KTP
  • 3 new staff, on average, employed as a result of outcomes from the KTP
  • Embedding of an innovation culture
  • KTPs enable companies and organisation to develop and sustain long term relationships with the University often leading to wider benefits. 


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Management KTPs

Management KTPs will support the identification and implementation of business change across the full range of management and business skills, including: strategic and operational management, employment relations and management.   

What funding is available?

Small or medium-sized businesses can access funding of up to 67% of the project costs; Larger businesses can access up to 50% of the total project costs. KTPs are funded by UK Research and Innovation through Innovate UK, as part of the government’s Industrial Strategy.

All projects have a budget for:

  • training and development
  • consumables  
  • travel 

This enables the Associate to access key training for the delivery of the project as well as allowing the company to make purchases such as a laptop (for the Associate), software or equipment for the project. The travel budget can be used flexibly, for example for academics to visit company premises, the Associate to attend key trade fairs etc.

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