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Resources for External Students

We are currently developing our training provision for external postgraduate students.



Below are some workshops you are able to book a place on (which will be held on Skype):


1:1 Coaching sessions

Coaching is usually engaged in as a programme of a number of sessions.  However, a single session, addressing a specific issue with which someone is wrestling, is also very powerful.  It can help to break a ‘log-jam’ and enable the individual to re-gain control and go forward. 

In this coaching session, your coach will help you to raise your awareness about what exactly is going on regarding the issue you are addressing; identify and examine a number of options for action; select the best option for you; and commit to action.  He will do this by listening and asking questions – thereby helping you to think the matter through and work out your own actions to resolve the issues that you are addressing.  We are all far more likely to take action if we have worked it out for ourselves rather than been advised to do it.

1:1 Advisory writing tutorials

These tutorials, available in 50 minute slots, are one-to-one and provide you with advice on specific areas of your writing. The tutor will read a piece of your writing (up to about 2,000 words) in advance of the tutorial to identify communication/language issues as required. 

In the tutorial, you will be advised on your style of expression, appropriateness of language, use of repetition, appropriateness of referencing, punctuation, and the clarity of your writing.  The tutor will also help you to explore the organisation and focus of your writing in terms of style and coherence if required.




To book a place please email Carla O'Mara at



Careers Advice:

A skilled team avaliable to help you discover opportunities, make career choices, develop your employability skills and more!

The team is available to help you with all aspects of your career planning and decision-making, such as:

  • Making decisions about your future career
  • Planning your job search strategy
  • Getting relevant work experience
  • Making applications and preparing for interviews
  • Looking at postgraduate study options
  • Changing or leaving your course of study

Book an appointment:

You can book a telephone appointment with a career advisor for help with making applications, preparing for interviews and planning your job search strategy.

Please check the advisors' case load information to see which subjects they are responsible for.




Vitae Resources:

Additional resources avaliable to you from Vitae

The University of Kent is a member of Vitae which is dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through transforming their professional and career development.  Vitae is a not-for-profit registered UK charity dedicated to active career learning and development. As a member of the University of Kent, you can register with the Vitae website to gain access to their resources at:


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