Portrait of Dr Kirsti Taylor

Dr Kirsti Taylor

Director of Education
Director of Studies in Applied Biosciences
Senior Lecturer and programme lead in Applied Biosciences
Library Representative


Kirsti is a Senior Lecturer in Applied bioscience and is the programme lead for the Applied Bioscience programmes (FdSc and BSc) at the CHDA.

Kirsti has been teaching at the University of Kent for over 7 years, and has a variety teaching experience, ranging from supervising student research projects to lecturing and distance learning.
Kirsti has a PhD in Renal Physiology/Pharmacology. Before joining the CHDA team Kirsti worked at Medway School of Pharmacy at the University of Kent, as a postdoctoral research associate. Kirsti’s research interests are associated with kidney and bladder physiology and disease, and their association with the immune response and pericyte dysfunction. Her work has been funded by various organisations including Pfizer and Kidney Research UK. 

Kirsti combines her experience and passion in/for research and teaching to lead the innovative design and delivery of the Applied Bioscience programmes

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