Just Coffee - get matched with another student

In need of a coffee break and fancy meeting someone new? We can put you in touch with someone who wants to meet up.

You might like to have a coffee or tea (or other beverage!) break with someone else but find that your usual network isn't available.

Sign up

If you'd like to be matched to meet someone new, just fill in the online form. We'll randomly match you with another student who's looking for a coffee break and email you their contact details so you can get in touch to arrange when to meet.

Share your experiences

There is a space on the form for comments if you'd like to let us know about your experience with these schemes. You can also share a photo of your meet up with #UniKentWellbeing tagging @UniKentSSW for a chance to win free drinks in future!

More events

Please follow @UniKentSSW on Instagram for news on other events and peer support groups taking place throughout the year. You can also check out the Student Support and Wellbeing Events Calendar.

Booking details

Please complete the online form to be matched with a coffee buddy.