Dr Jinyu Liu

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate
+44 (0)1227 824210
Dr Jinyu Liu


Jinyu Liu is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts.
Jinyu Liu received his BEng degrees in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Tianjin University, China and in Electronic and Computer Systems from the University of Kent, UK both in 2012, his MSc degree in Energy and Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering from University of Southampton, UK in 2013, and PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Kent in 2019.
His research interests include physical modelling of Coriolis flowmeter under multiphase conditions, soft computing algorithms for multiphase flow metering, rig schematic and automation design.

Research interests

Current research:

'Multi-phase flow measurement using Coriolis flowmeters'


Demonstration experience:

  • EL303 Electronic Circuits
  • EL305 Introduction to Electronics
  • EL565 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
  • EL875 Advanced Sensors & Instrumentation Systems
  • EL033 Introduction to Programming using Matlab
  • EL318 Engineering Mathematics
  • EL319 Engineering Analysis
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