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Those students who take part in the EP scheme are those who go the extra mile, those students who see increasing their employability skills just as important as their degree. Those students who do extra-curricular activities are generally more employable and the skills they learn will help them for after University life.

~ Tomas Christodoulou, Enterprise Rent-a-Car





Medway Council is proud of the links it has with the University of Kent and has been keen to support the Employability Points scheme. The students we have sponsored and those we have been privileged to have as interns are of an extremely high calibre. We hope that in some small way that we enabled them to be even more "work ready." We would have no hesitation in recommending other local employers and organisations to get involved in EP 2015.

~ Perry Holmes, Medway Council





The Employability Points scheme helps to make students stand out when applying for graudate jobs in a highly competitive jobs market. Joining the scheme allows them to gain work experience, attend workshops and lectures and gain the 'edge' required to stand out from the crowd.

~ Adam Baker, Santander Universities




We feel it is important to create and maintain strong links with the University of Kent. The EP scheme is a fantastic way to enable students to gain necessary work place skills in a unique environment and also raise the profile of the museum amongst the students.

~ Danielle Sellers, Royal Engineers Museum




An excellent and well conceived scheme with enthusiastic organisers and participants. It provides the University of Kent with a significant edge and presents commercial opportunities for those involved.

~ Rob Dodgson, The Brett Group

The scheme is excellent as it allows you to feel good about yourself – you work really hard and you get rewarded. The goal is to be recognised and the EP Scheme does this – it recognises everyone

~ Dario Quadri, Politics and International Relations Student



The EP Scheme has been the most important thing I have done at university outside of my studies by far. The experience I have gained from the volunteering and rewards I have done are so valuable and have helped me feel more prepared from when I begin to look for work placements and graduate opportunities. I highly recommend being a part of the scheme as it is a fantastic way to become more employable.

~ Daniel Smith, Kent Business School Student

[As Student EP Ambassador] getting thousands of students involved in the EP Scheme this year and seeing them get rewarded for their hard work has been an excellent experience, and I urge everybody to get involved. The skills that you develop, and the awards that you can achieve could give your graduate job applications the edge that you need to succeed!

~ Mollie Ferguson, Kent Law School Student



Not only the scheme helps building up and demonstrating a clear list of volunteering activities and working experiences students have engaged in in the past, it does encourage students to take part and get involved more in their University life. No matter how little students believe they have achieved, and how much they believe their work will be in vain, at the end of the year, they never realised how much of a difference they may have made. The scheme definitely helps motivates students to continuously strive for more and I strongly believe the tight ship the crew of the Employability Scheme runs throughout the years should be very proud
of themselves.

~ Billy Yu Lok Ng, Kent Law School Student



The Employability Points Scheme has been an incredible opportunity for me and other University of Kent students, not only by incentivising students to get stuck in with volunteering, workshops and University events, but it uses this to massively improve our employability by offering work experience opportunities, workshops and many, many more opportunities for us to take part in using our points we're accumulated.

Many thanks to Matt and the rest of team, I, and the students of the University of Kent really appreciate your hard-work!

~ Thomas Owen, Kent Business School Student




The Employability Points Scheme helped me to unleash the entrepreneurial drive within me. As a student not doing a business related degree, it encouraged me to think beyond what was given to me through academia. The scheme actively promotes the services the university offers, and brings together employers who value students, who understand the importance of partaking in extra curricular activities. I am very fortunate to have been a beneficiary of the scheme, both in my first year being awarded an internship, and in my final year being awarded an iPad. I cannot boast enough about the huge benefits this scheme offers, and strongly encourage all students to get involved, and as many companies as possible to support and see a student with potential.

~ Andre Lewis, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research Student


I have been working within the Emergency Planning department of Kent County Council. From the start I have been given a lot of responsibility and have been taking part in the development of new policy. This means I haven't just been photocopying stuff all day but actually getting stuck in with the team in what the job actually is and building real experience...It has given me paid employment for the next 3 months. This has made the transition from full time student to soon to be graduate slightly easier as has provided me with the first step to beginning my career post university.

~ Andrew Wilson, Kent Law School Student

[The EP scheme is] Priceless and unique

~ Joey Chong, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Acturial Science Student

I am currently in Maidstone carrying out my internship with the world leader in its sector the internship is very challenging but rewarding as it has the potential to lead on to future employment at graduate level...The EP scheme has helped me to develop my employability skills, get a job and potentially lead on to a long term career.

~ Jack Griggs, Kent Business School Student

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