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Founded in Sweden in 1871, Handelsbanken has become one of the world's strongest banks with over 800 branches in 24 countries across the globe.


Handelsbanken was established in the UK in 1982 and has expanded its network to over 208 branches throughout the UK. Each branch operates like a small company, with experienced bankers empowered to make decisions at a local level, supported by one of the world's strongest banking groups. The decentralised approach allows each branch to offer a service tailored to the needs of local businesses and individual customers.

Rewards 2017-18

Handelsbanken are offering one work experience opportunity in their Canterbury branch, focused on corporate banking and finance. This will allow students to gain an appreciation of how the bank delivers its services to private individuals and businesses.




"Working at Handelbanken was a fantastic experience! Throughout the week, I had one-to-one learning sessions with professionals in different roles and I gained experience with dealing with clients and financial analysis. It also provided me with a great chance to network with people and expand my career opportunities!"

Dan Smith, 2014-15 reward winner 

"[Students will gain] experience of the working environment and see how banking is carried out at the 'sharp end'."

Andy Davies, Branch Manager

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2015-17: Handelsbanken offered two 1-week work experience placements in corporate banking.

2014-15: Handelsbanken offered one 1-week work experience placement in finance and corporate banking, which proved to be one of the most popular EP rewards!

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EP Team: What are greatest the highlights and challenges of your role?  
Andy: Variation in the different types of people you meet every day, the different businesses who you will deal with, seeing a lending deal through to fruition from the beginning. Working with a great team of people. Challenges: Volume of work & dealing with every enquiry in a timely & proper manner.
EP Team: Please tell us something which is unique or peculiar about Handelsbanken?
Andy: Decentralised Organisation which places a great deal of responsibility on the local branch manager, a branch is effectively his/her business and there are no bonus/target arrangements.
EP team: How do you feel the EP Scheme can benefit students at the University of Kent?
Andy: It can give them valuable experience of the work place & help in finding them full time employment when they graduate.
EP team: What skills and experiences do you expect students to develop as a result of these rewards?
Andy: Client focus/orientation, attention to detail, organisational skills, assessment of businesses ability to borrow. Rapport building with clients & staff.
EP team: What type of students would benefit from this?
Andy: Those interested in a career in the banking industry & who want to work for a Bank whose reputation has not been affected by the banking crisis.
EP team: How will undertaking a placement with Handelsbanken benefit a student’s career development?
Andy: Experience of the working environment and see how banking is carried out at the “sharp end”.


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