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EMIR is a Kent based company that produce workbenches and handtools, sold throughout the UK and 40 other countries.


With over 70 years of trading from the UK and continuing to develop new products and designs, EMIR has gained a world-wide reputation as engineers and manufacturers in wood and urethane, with a product range that includes workbenches, handtools, Harris looms and storage cupboards.

Rewards 2017-18

EMIR are offering a photography internship. The student will set up, capture and edit shots suitable for e-marketing and print campaigns.

See below promotional videos created by EP students in 2014-15 and 2013-14:




Our production team are busy adding the finishing touches to our 4 place jewellers benches! They'll soon be ready… https://t.co/skXgqYAorW

Posted 1 day ago

We often get asked what this mystery wooden box is... It's an Emir oil stone box used to sharpen chisels and othe… https://t.co/WGmOhrWYFw

Posted 4 days ago

We have recently welcomed The Royal Shakespeare Company costume department for a private tour of our workshop, cutt… https://t.co/J37fdvwfZc

Posted 5 days ago

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2015/16: EMIR offered a paid project placement for a student to create and edit two short promotional videos, one focusing on their manufacturing processes and the other to promote the company to potential clients.

2014/15: EMIR offered two projects placements: one where a student undertook a research project and second, creating a promotional video. Emir also sponsored the prize: Highest Scoring Student from the Faculty of Social Sciences, offering a Kindle Fire.

2013/14: EMIR offered two project placements, one led to a student creating a new social media presence and the other created a promotional video. Emir also sponsored the Highest Points: Social Sciences prize, offering a Kindle Fire.

The promotional video created by the EP student can be seen below:


For the social media presence, created by a EP student, see the links below:

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We recently caught up with Duncan Inglis, Project and Marketing Manager at EMIR, who shed some light on the company, why they are involved with the EP Scheme and how the rewards will benefit students.

EP Team: Please explain EMIR to us
EMIR: Emmerich (Berlon) Ltd manufactures solid beech EMIR workbenches and handtools that are suitable for D&T departments or for individual customers.  The Harris Looms division makes hand weaving equipment that is supplied to craft weavers, schools and colleges and to textile designers for sample making. All of this is made in our factory in Ashford, Kent, by our long served traditional skilled workforce.
EP Team: What are greatest the highlights and challenges of your role?
EMIR: A challenging aspect of the role is solving customers’ problems which can involve designing a product that is bespoke to their requirements. The main highlight of the role is hearing back from customers who are happy with their purchases.
EP Team: Can you tell us something unique about EMIR?
EMIR: Emmerich (Berlon) Ltd stands out from the crowd in that we produce made-to-order workbenches and hand looms to our customers. This allows us to be flexible with the designs of our products so we always meet our customers’ requirements. Customers are also welcome to visit the factory to see how we make our workbenches and this gives them reassurance of the high quality craftsmanship.
EP Team: What have been your key highlights of sponsoring the EP Scheme?
EMIR: The key highlight for EMIR has been gaining a fresh perspective from undergraduates. From listening to feedback we have been able to improve the way we do things for the future. We have also gained high quality videos from a previous undergraduate that we have been proud to share online and helpful insights into how we can best reach people through our social media accounts.
EP Team: What skills and experiences do you expect students to develop as a result of the rewards?
EMIR: If your work placement is in video production, you will gain experience in working to a client’s brief and providing feedback on the ideas they have for the project. After this you will need to present your plan for the promotional video that includes a time-frame that will be agreed with us. Overall, you will gain a combination of creative and practical skills from planning out and creating a video.
If your work placement is a research project, you will learn what your project is centred around and will then further your research skills that will culminate in a 15+ page report. You will also strengthen your resource skills in finding out information both about the company and new options for us to consider for the future.
EP Team: What type of students would benefit from this?
EMIR: Students that are motivated to take on the additional workload in order to gain more experience in their area of interest. If you are able to keep to deadlines, with excellent time management skills as well as an enthusiasm for the project placement then this is for you.





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