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Santander Universities: Mock Assessment Centre


On 19th June 2015, four students registered on the EP Scheme received the opportunity to redeem their points for the chance to partake in the Santander Universities Mock Assessment Centre.

Santander Universities provided EP students with the chance to experience a challenging assessment centre, which is becoming increasingly common place for graduate recruitment.

The assessment centre required students to individually present a ‘SWOT’ analysis on the University of Kent, work as a team to overcome the ‘Zin Obelisk’ challenge and undertake panel interviews.

Adam Baker, University Relationships Branch Manager, commented:

Santander Universities is proud to have run the Mock Assessment Centre as a reward for students involved in the Employability Points Scheme. The event is based on a real Assessment Centre run by Santander and includes typical tasks found across assessment centres run by most graduate employers. The students involved gain valuable experience on what to expect in individual, team based and interview based scenarios. Feedback is also given to allow students to identify their strengths and weaknesses so they are better prepared when applying for their graduate jobs.

The EP team also received positive feedback from the participating students and Maria Symeonidou, post-grad from Kent Business School, advised:

The whole day was well organised and the team of Santander's was really helpful. All of them were positive and supportive and during the presentations and the panel interviews encouraged and guided us with their questions...The activities assessed especially the presentations and panel interviews were good choices as it is difficult to us to practice alone and have a feedback before an assessment centre day.

The EP team will also be running a Santander Universities mock assessment centre in September 2015.

Santander Universities Global Division was born in 1997 with the aim to support higher education as a means to contribute to the development and prosperity of society. Today, over 1,020 universities in 17 countries are members of the Santander Universities network.

For the EP Scheme in 2014-15, Santander Universities offered 28 rewards, including eight placements on their work shadowing scheme. This allowed students the chance to shadow the University Relationships Branch Manager, gaining an insight into sales management, risk management, people management and customer service.

One reward winner, Daniel Smith from Kent Business School, commented: "The Santander Universities work shadowing placement has been a fantastic experience, with the staff being very friendly, allowing me to learn so much about banking and finance. As a result of the placement, I now have a much better understanding if I want a career in banking."

Daniel with Personal Bankers, Tom and Sahar









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