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My EPS Journey

Reflect on your Employability Journey:

My EPS Journey is an opportunity for EP students to illustrate their employability to prospective employers, while reflecting on the skills and experiences they have gained whist engaging with the EP Scheme.

Students can create their ‘EPS Journey’ on MyFolio. This is a profile page, outlining the activities students have completed to earn points and the rewards students may have undertaken. Students can publish their journals, adding these to their CVs and LinkedIn Profiles.

Students can be creative as they would like and add links, videos and photographs. Remember this is an opportunity to show employers how much has been learned through earning points!


Step-by-Step Guide:

Click here for a step-by-step guide to creating an 'EPS Journey', or for more information, please contact the team.


Video Guides:

Please see below a series of Youtube videos, providing step-by-step instructions on how to create a My EPS Journey page.

Video 1: Getting started

Video 2: Creating a profile

Video 3: Creating journals

Video 4: Adding content

Video 5: Uploading files and images

Video 6: Sharing your profile with staff, students and potential employers

Video 7: Including video content


My EPS Journey Examples:

Benedetta Veneruso, POLIR

Fatoumatta Kurang, KBS

Anne-Marie Dames, Arts

Devon Tipping, English

Heena Patel, KBS

Holly Yelland, EDA

Miguel Santos, Arts

Edidiong Bassey, KBS

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My EPS Journey Example Page

Here is an example page, created by Stephen Ganfield (Faculty Learning Technologist), which demonstrates a profile page, reflection on extra-curricular activities, EP rewards and the use of multimedia.




Previous Student Examples

Here are some examples of My EPS Journeys, created by students in 2015-16

Holly Yelland, EDA

Miguel Santos, Arts

Edidiong Bassey, KBS

Helen Mullen, KBS (section of):

Miguel Santos, Arts (section of):














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