Student finance timeline

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Student finance timeline

Everything you need to know about student loans, financial support and making the most of your money

Our student finance timeline shows you how to apply for funding, all the important deadlines and dates, plus some handy hints and tips to get more from your budget. Use the 12 months before you arrive to sort out your finances and get the best possible start to student life at Kent.



What funding is available and when should I apply?

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When choosing a university, it's a good idea to research the bursaries, scholarships and loans available to you.

If you want to apply, make a note of the application deadline dates so you don't miss them.

Fees and funding



How much money am I entitled to?

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There are online finance calculators which will help you to work out exactly how much money you will have to live on when you start your course.

Student finance calculator



Start saving: every little helps

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If you've got a part-time job, maybe you could start putting aside a little bit of money each month. You could start with £10, it'll soon build up and could come in really handy when you start at uni. 



Planning your budget

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Tuition fees and living costs are your two main expenses at university. Use our living costs page to help you estimate your costs and produce a budget for everyday outgoings like accommodation, household bills, food and travel.

Student guide to budgeting



Applying for on-campus accommodation

Our on-campus accommodation opens for applications around mid-January.

It will be your biggest outgoing so make sure you can afford it. Use the living costs calculator again and amend the accommodation type to suit your budget.

Apply for accommodation



When should I apply for student funding?

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Applications for student finance usually open in February and close at the end of May. As well as a student loan there are other grants available:

  • Disabled Student Allowances
  • Adult Dependents Grant
  • Parents Learning Allowance and Childcare Grant
Apply for student finance



Learn how to cook

If you don’t already cook, it's a really good life skill to have at uni. Ask someone you know to teach you to cook your favourite dishes or learn with online tutorials.



When should I open a student bank account?

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It's time to consider opening a student bank account. There are lots to choose from so use a comparison website to find one that suits you.

It's also worth signing up for internet banking so you can access your accounts at all times.

UCAS: A quicker way to get a student account



It's time to apply for student funding

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You need to submit your student funding application before the end of May. This should guarantee all of your funding will be in place for the start of term in September.

Student finance: apply online



Top up your savings

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If you haven't got a summer job yet, it's not too late! If you can work before university and save some of your wages, it will come in very useful when you start.

You may find the Blackbullion website helpful when developing your money skills for uni.



Will I need insurance?

It is important to have the correct insurance to protect your personal belongings. 

Our on-campus accommodation costs include personal contents insurance. If you live off-campus, your parents/carers' insurance may cover your possessions while at uni. 

UCAS: student content insurance



How do I get a part-time job?

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Once you know where you're going, start looking for part-time work local to the uni. 

Kent Union has a Jobshop that you can sign up to once you enrol on your course. You can find them on FacebookTwitter and meet them at the October recruitment fair.

Kent Union Jobshop

Double-check your student-finance application

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Read through your student finance application to make sure everything is up-to-date. Don't forget to check that your contact information and bank details are correct so you will get paid on time.

Student finance login

September (start of term)


Which books will I need to buy?

Once your reading list is available, find the best place to buy your books.  Some shops match online retailers and you could get a discount if bulk-buying. Don’t forget, you can also buy them second-hand and borrow books from the library.


Get ready for your first week at uni

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Student finance is paid into your account a couple of days after registration.  Make sure you have some money for the first week.

If you do not receive your student finance on the first day of term, you may be able to apply for an emergency loan.

TOTUM: the student discount card


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Financial help and support

Your budget will help you make the most of your time at University but sometimes even the best plans can be disrupted by unforeseen events.  Kent Union Advice Centre offers advice and support if you're ever struggling with your finances.