Application timeline for 2022 entry

Applying to university

Use our timeline to help plan your future

Your application journey

The work you’ve done at school and college has brought you to a place where you can consider university. You’ve probably visited, either virtually or in-person, the universities you’re interested in, so here’s our quick guide to what you need to do next.


September 2021

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Visiting universities, virtually or in-person, helps you to discover the places and courses that suit you. As soon as you've narrowed down your choices, start your UCAS application. Read our tips and advice for guidance.    



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15 October is the deadline for Kent and Medway Medical School. 

For all other subject areas, you’ve still got time to complete your application and perfect your personal statement. Once that’s done you can focus on getting the best grades you can.



If you’ve submitted your application, you may start to get offers from universities.



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If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to send in that application! If you are still undecided on courses or universities, it might help to get in touch with the universities you are interested in and ask any questions you have.    



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26 January 2022 is the main UCAS deadline. You can still apply via UCAS up until 30 June, but you may not be able to get on to the course you want at your preferred university, why risk it?

Kent offer holder? Apply for accommodation now.


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If a university has offered you a place they may invite you to visit their campus or to attend an interview. At Kent, we give all our offer holders the chance to come to campus and meet with staff and students to find out more about life at Kent.


Student finance

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UK-based students can apply for UK government finance at Student Finance England.    



If you applied to Kent by the 15 January, we will send you our decision by the end of March.



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You should by now have heard back from all the universities you applied to. Start weighing up your options, perhaps create a pros and cons list for each university or course you’re considering.



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Decision time. You need to choose your firm and insurance choices by early May. If you’re unsure talk to your teachers, or family members; revisit university websites and, if you need to, get back in touch with the universities you’re considering.



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30 June is the deadline for ‘late’ UCAS applications.

If you've applied to Kent and want to live in university accommodation, you should apply now, whether Kent is your firm or your insurance choice university.


Overseas students

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If you are applying to study in the UK from overseas, you may need a Student visa. Now’s the time to look into the process and begin your application. You can find helpful information on our website and on the UK government’s site.



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Confirmation, Clearing and Adjustment open. If you don’t have an offer, you can apply for any course that has vacancies.

Those taking the IB receive their results on 5 July.

31 July is the closing date to apply for a guaranteed room offer from Kent.

Clearing at Kent in 2022


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Your results are in and you’re off to university. If things didn’t go to plan, or you’ve changed your mind, you can take part in Clearing; if you did better than expected, look at Adjustment. Once your place is confirmed, celebrate – you’ve made it!


September 2022

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University life begins. Make the most of it – all our students tell us the years fly by.