Basra Khan

Management BSc

I enjoy the interaction in the seminars with the group and the seminar leader.

Why did you choose to study Management?

I started studying Business Studies at GCSE level and continued with it in sixth form and I enjoyed that. I also did ICT and Media Studies. I felt that, on this course, at this uni, I would be able to use the skills I learned in all three of the subjects.

And why did you choose Kent?

Kent is quite a high-ranking university, which was appealing to me, and I really liked the campus. Also, this degree covers different areas, like accounting, finance and marketing. I liked the idea that I could cover all these and, once I understand the area I really like, I can choose to specialise in the third year or I can keep my degree general.

Was the opportunity to spend a year in industry a factor?

Yes, I was specifically looking for a degree with a year in industry. From the applicant days and the open days, I understood that going for a year in industry increases your chances of having a job soon after you graduate. That’s helpful because it’s quite a competitive scene at the moment.

How is your course going? What have you really enjoyed?

I enjoy the interaction in the seminars with the group and the seminar leader. Last semester I got a lot out of the module on microeconomics. Economics isn’t my strong point and because of that I found that I was studying a little bit more for it. That extra studying, that extra work I was putting in, I felt it paid off. I’m also taking part in the Business Start-up Journey programme: they’re helping students get their minds rolling on starting their own business in the future. Just yesterday there was a guest speaker from Google talking about digital marketing.

As a visually impaired student, how easy has it been to get the support you need?

I’ve had a sighted guide support, so I can go from my accommodation to my classes. I also have a note-taker in the lectures and in the seminars, which helps a lot, and I can study outside of the classes with them to prepare for seminars and do my essays. I also get extra study hours.

What do you think of the support available from your lecturers?

They are really approachable. They try to help as much as possible. Also, having an academic adviser from the School is extremely helpful because I can just approach them, talk to them about my essay if needed, and they give me advice. Having lecture recordings greatly benefits my additional learning.

What do you think of the campus and the facilities?

I like the view. When I’m walking across main campus there’s a nice view of Canterbury and it makes me feel happy. Practically everything’s on campus, you don’t really need to leave! You’ve got the grocery shop and the gym, and the library’s massive!

What social activities are you involved in?

Right now, I’m in the Pakistani Society – we have games nights or dinners, things like that, and I made my friends from there. I am looking to join the gym in the sports centre. They’ve got quite a wide range of facilities.

How do you think you’ve changed since coming to uni?

I was very anxious before I came to uni and now I feel I’ve become much more independent and confident in meeting new people. I’ve also gained time management skills because the School throws you a lot of work but you also want to have a good social life, so you need to balance them. Not too much of both, but not too little of either!

Any advice for future students?

If you’re feeling nervous about starting uni, like I was, don’t worry. Teachers and generally everyone on campus are quite accommodating and that makes you feel at home.