Syed Zaid Mahmood

Business and Management with a Year in Industry

The Business Society provides a space for you to be inspired and make the most of your time at uni.

Why did you choose to study Business and Management at Kent?

The programme appealed to me because it was a broad course and I wanted to have a wide range of skills and learn about all the different aspects of business. Kent wasn’t one of my choices originally but when I researched it, I fell in love with the place. I came and visited Medway and I really did like it. I heard great things about the lectures. And so far, I’ve had an amazing experience on my course, I love the way I’m taught.  I love everything about it and I’m really enjoying it. It’s helped me grow quite a lot and develop the business intellect I aspire to have.

Are you going to spend a year in industry next year?

Yes, I've already got the placement all set up. I’m joining British Airways as cabin crew. I chose it because it gives you a lot of skills, such as being organised, and I do actually love customer service. That’s a big thing for me because the area I want to work in is customer interaction. I wasn’t sure if it would be OK to do this type of placement but the School placement officer has been really helpful and supportive, and I hope working as cabin crew will be a good entry point into the company. And I get to travel!

 You’re president of the Business Society at Medway. What does that involve?

The Business Society is more of a community, even though it’s an academic society. It’s for anyone who’s interested in business to meet and socialise. We don’t force business education on you – it’s more of a space to be inspired, to make the most of your career at uni. 

We talk about business issues currently in the news and we’re going to have guest speakers who will motivate and inspire students; that might be anything from rags-to-riches stories to people who have worked in the business sector for over 20 years. We’re working with the TEDx society, too, and we’re going to host one of their events. We do all kinds of social events. We have a games night currently in the works  and we’re planning a winter masquerade ball, hosted by the Business Society and [events company] Canterbury Vibes – it’s a joint event and it’s open to anyone, it’s just a fun night to socialise.

Are there many students who want to set up their own business? Do you help them?

Yes, there’s a lot of entrepreneurship at the Medway campus, so we work with the Business Start-Up Journey, which is a programme that helps student develop the skills to start their own business. We’re also there to support them if they need help organising meetings with investors or lecturers to talk about their business idea. 

Any  advice for someone thinking of coming to study at Kent?

My advice would be put yourself out there, step outside of your comfort zone and actually do things you wouldn’t normally do because that’s how you make the most of university. It goes by so fast. So you have to really make the most of it.