The Crusades - HI5028

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Canterbury Autumn
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5 30 (15)
Canterbury Spring
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5 30 (15) DR B Bombi







This module introduces students to the circumstances behind and motives for the crusading movement, to the key events of early crusades, and to the rise and fall of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Extensive use is made of primary sources in translation. Topics to be covered include: The background of the crusades; The historiography of the crusades: What were the crusades?; The First Crusade; The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem; The second Crusade; The fall of Jerusalem in 1187; The Third Crusade; The Fourth Crusade; Crusading within Europe; The capture of Damietta; The crusade of Louis IX


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3 hours per week

Preliminary reading

J. RICHARD - 'The Crusades c. 1071-c.1291' [2nd edition]
J.S.C. RILEY-SMITH (ed) - 'The Atlas of the Crusades' (1991); 'Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades' (1995) and 'The Crusades, a Short History (1987)
K.M. SETTON (ed. in chief) - 'A History of the Crusades', 2nd edn., 6 vols. (1969-98).
H.E. MAYER - 'The Crusades', 2nd edn. (1988)
H.E.J. COWDREY - 'Popes, Monks and Crusaders' (1984)
S. RUNCIMAN - 'A History of the Crusades', 3 vols., (1951-4)
C. TYERMAN - 'England and the Crusades' (1988); 'Invention of the Crusades' (1998) and 'For Christendom: Holy War and the Crusades' (2004)

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