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Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Current Convenor 2018-19
Medway Spring
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5 15 (7.5)


CO320 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
CO323 Databases and the Web
CO547 Agile Software Development





Students, working in small groups (3 or 4), undertake the same prescribed project that involves the development of a web-based application, to meet the requirements of a particular business goal. At least two members of academic staff will be involved in the supervision and monitoring of the project work. One member of academic staff will assume the role of client and the second that of mentor. Groups will meet weekly with the client to review progress and validate development to-date. The mentor will support groups to ensure the client's desired functionality is interpreted correctly and to encourage the adoption sound software engineering principles.
Towards the end of the project, each group will
• Prepare a technical report that describes their solution strategy and the result of their project.
• Present and give a demonstration of their software solution to the academic supervisors and other project groups.
• Prepare well-indexed corpus of material that supports the achievements claimed.
In addition, each individual student will prepare a report outlining his/her contributions to the various aspects of the project. This report should focus on an assessment of the project’s development methodology, reflections on what the individual earned from the project. In particular, it should include a description of particular problems encountered and how these were overcome, and what might be done differently were the student to repeat the exercise.


This module appears in:

Contact hours

22 hours of supervised practical classes
11 hours of supervision meetings

Method of assessment

100% Project

Indicative reading

See the library reading list for this module (Canterbury)

See the library reading list for this module (Medway)

Learning outcomes

The aim of this module is to provide an opportunity for students to apply an agile approach in the development of a prescribed software system.
Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:
Identify and evaluate alternative solution strategies to a multi-tiered software problem
Identify the roles and responsibilities of members of a software development team and the methods of intercommunication.
Plan and document the process by which a software solution is achieved.
Construct a solution to an approved multi-tiered software problem
Verify the solution to an agreed specification [
Present and demonstrate system software solution
Critically evaluate the proposed solution and the means by which it was achieved

In addition, students who successfully complete this module will have:
Demonstrated a commitment to quality in the production of project deliverables
Demonstrated a commitment to being a responsible member of a software development team

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