Coyler Fergusson

Colyer Fergusson

Built in 2012 the Colyer Fergusson Music Building is a unique and charming venue for musical performances or conferences and events. The building consists of one large auditorium, meeting rooms and a foyer area. 

With adjustable and retractable seating the main hall can accommodate intimate musical events and large-scale musical, academic and conference events. When functioning at full capacity the hall can accommodate seating 400 people.  

Space features

Colyer Fergusson Gallery



Conference - 400
Concert - 400 audience, 200 choir and up to an 80 piece orchestra


Auditorium - up to 600 people


Colyer Fergusson Seminar Room (CFSR) - 24

Colyer Fergusson Foyer

Up to 350 for refreshments, lunch and drinks receptions.

Thank you for our conference at the University last week. The arrangements on your side were impeccable.

D Fitton, UK Japan 21st Century Group

Colyer Fergusson and beyond

Colyer Fergusson is located centrally on the campus, and the building is combined with the Gulbenkian Theatre and Cinema. Naturally if extra space is required, that would be the best option!

We have plenty of accommodation options nearby, single en-suite rooms in 5* graded Becket Court, or single and double en-suite rooms in Tyler Court or Keynes College.

We also offer a bespoke Event Management Service which can help support you and ensure the smooth running of your event as we can manage guest registration, payments and logistics. 

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