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Getting an interview is an achievement in itself. Only a small proportion of applicants are selected for interview so you have already made a positive impression to have got to this stage, so congratulate yourself! Remember: there aren't any right or wrong answers to interview questions. How you come across is just as important as what you say.  

The purpose of the interview is to see if you match the requirements of the job. These will vary with different jobs but are likely to include: your personal qualities, how well you express yourself, and your motivation and enthusiasm. It is also your chance to meet somebody from the organisation and assess them: are they offering what you want?

Overcoming interview nerves

  • Preparation is key. The more preparation you have done, such as working out answers to common interview questions, and doing careful research on the organisation and job, the more relaxed you will feel.
  • Dress smartly but comfortably. If you look good, you will feel good.
  • Smile, and keep eye contact. Looking positive is a step closer to feeling positive!
  • Don't worry too much about making a mistake. Move on, and answer the next question!



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