Career Mentoring Scheme

Career Mentoring Scheme

Seize Opportunity.

What is the Career Mentoring Scheme

The Career Mentoring Scheme is an easy way for current students to benefit from alumni who have achieved success in their chosen fields. This journey allows mentees to explore career options, understand the differences between professional and academic environments and get a greater understanding of how to use their degree after graduation. 

Some benefits include: 

  • Development of career management skills
  • Gaining market centric advise on how to increase employability skills
  • Guidance on how to gain work experience, and help with developing workplace confidence through contact with professionals   

Get Involved

To get involved in the mentoring scheme visit the Kent Community Builder (linked below). Once you create a student profile on the platform, you can start to gain access to the different alumni mentors who have come forward to support the scheme. 

The Kent Community Builder functions like a mini LinkedIn where you can connect with mentors in your subject area directly. This can be a simple email enquiry or a face to face meeting to discuss your career ambitions. The nature and duration of mentoring is completely flexible to fit your needs and aspirations. 

You can log into the platform using your Kent email address. 

Got Questions? Need some further assistance?

If you need any further help or information then please contact the Career Mentoring Officer: Irene Omiunu at